Romance and Regrets

Dating might be fun but if anyone thinks that dating is easy, they certainly must have been lucky in the romantic stakes. Dating in general is hard work and fraught with twists and turns which can easily upset the romantic applecart. If you are single then the temptation to rush back in to another relationship straight away might be overwhelming, but be warned, there can be many pitfalls to embracing dating whole-heartedly and you don’t want to look back and regret.

Deal with being newly single

Being newly single can send you straight into the arms of a dissatisfied married other. If you have been married or have been in a long term relationship yourself, you will understand only too well how difficult it can be to endure an unhappy marriage. Careful though. Many women have discovered that they were merely fresh fodder for bored husbands who have carefully on searched for single women on Internet dating sites. Many regrets have been made through believing sob stories whole-heartedly and whilst no doubt some are genuinely unhappy, many women live to regret becoming involved with married men.

Don’t regret missing the opportunity

Another regret for many is turning down a romantic encounter when they had the opportunity. You can argue of course that the timing was all wrong but maybe the lesson here is learning to jump at opportunities when they occur even if you might feel that you are not romantically ready at the time. Some women regret not asking out the man of their dreams, feeling that they didn’t stand a chance of ensnaring him only to find out much later, that he fancied them too. Too late though, he’s moved on. Don’t think about it too much and focus on your present situation.

Let the past love go

Regrets come in all shapes and sizes and often we look back over the years when life seemed so much simpler, there may have been that first boyfriend who you thought was always going to be the real love of your life. Regretting letting a past love go is not unusual but you have to remember that it’s likely that you are both different people now and would have potentially grown apart as the years progressed. Of course if your first love was a genuine, kind and caring individual and your partners afterwards were not any of those things, then its’ no wonder that you look back and see that love as one that was wasted. If you really feel regret leaving him, instead of moping about the past, consider how you can attract nicer men into your life instead. Look forwards and not backwards.

End a bad relationship early enough

Another regret for many women is not ending a bad relationship much earlier. We have probably all done this, held on to the relationship long after it was well and truly emotionally over. Fear of being alone, concerns that our partners might not cope without us or financial restraints can all tie us into a bad relationship. It’s much healthier to accept that it’s over and then move on and move out. It’s easy to regret trying to make it work and living a lie for some months or even years, but at some point, it’s time to say goodbye. Then when you look back, you can learn from the experience.

Sex plays a big part in our staying with the wrong man. Sometimes we are just attracted to bad boys and the sexual chemistry with a bad boy can really sizzle It doesn’t matter how you justify it to yourself; the sex might have been satisfying but was the relationship? A dissatisfying uncaring man might make your toes curl in the bedroom department but aren’t you worth more? These ‘friends with benefits’ relationships are only satisfying in the short term.

Don’t be afraid of being rejected

Fear of being hurt or rejected can often be a more overpowering emotion than love and if you have been badly hurt in the past, it can be a scary time when you start developing real feelings for someone again. Some women are unable to cope with this and have left their new love before getting hurt. These actions can very quickly lead to regrets.

The moral of the article is that you don’t want to waste your life by looking back and feeling regret for decisions that you made at the time. There is no point being fearful of life, instead embrace it, live it and enjoy it. Whatever decisions you make going forward, has to be because it’s the right decision for you at the time.

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Online Dating to Offline Wedding?

Is it possible to meet your lifetime partner and future spouse through the internet? Is it the right place to meet decent single persons?

In this digital age wherein the worldwide web is the most visited venue by all kinds of people, where else can we expect singles to converge?

Online dating websites might casually have taken over party places, special events, gatherings, product launches, sporting events, conferences and other places as avenue for singles to socialize and meet. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are other ways of meeting new people and possibly, one’s future spouse. This is a big plus for the single yuppies (young professionals) and career-minded singles who have no time to go out and meet new people. They are definitely in their right marrying age and are no longer into casual dating or one-night stands but are aiming towards settling down with the right one.

Social media sites were created for the purpose of connecting people globally. A single man from the northern hemisphere now has the capability to interact with a single lady from the southern part of Asia. Without the help of internet, something as magical as that would not have been possible at all. Friendships and marriages are built across the miles. Whether it leads to marriage or not, it is so gratifying to think that technology has brought worlds together and not apart. This is one of the beautiful things that online dating websites and social media have created.

It has indeed flattened the playing field for singles to convene and become acquainted with. Regardless of race, color or status in life, global online dating and social media have given an opportunity for all singles to interact and explore possibilities of friendship and marriage. This is a big advantage for singles who now have a wider choice, a deeper appreciation of each other’s differences, a broader definition of a good lifetime partner, an expansive comparison of eligible partners that would suit one’s preferences and greater chances of ending up with the right partner. There are also some singles who cannot express themselves well in person but are more comfortable in commnicating online. I still believe that we live in a world of sensible and decent individuals who are there to offer honest and deep friendship.

For every woman, wedding is the most awaited moment of her life and she would do everything to ensure that she is with the right person as she walks down the aisle. Meeting one’s future spouse through the net is just one of the ways just as meeting him through a regular gym workout, attending a party are some of the ways. As two mature and sensible individuals, your conversations would reflect your true nature and you can very well gauge the sincerity of the other person. Your interactions over the net can give you enough time to test his true motives. However, it is always wise to make a background check on the truthfulness of his profile, kinds of friends, and organizations he is affiliated with. In this world of information technology, everything is in your finger tips to unravel.

Another important preparation to do before marrying someone you’ve met online is to gain understanding of each other’s culture, religion, beliefs and values system. These factors play an important role in a person’s decisions, behavior and preferences. Remember that you are marrying someone who has a completely different background from you. You cannot impose your own values on someone else or expect them to think or behave as you normally would in a given situation. Understanding your partner’s background is the first step to embracing him for who he is.

Meeting each other’s families and spending a few days with close friends and relatives are important pre-wedding preparations that are often neglected. You will be interacting a lot with these people, if not on a daily basis, at least on special occassions. They are also your partner’s major life influencers so meeting them will give you a glimpse of what your life will be like after you are married.

Keep in mind that sincerity, trust, and acceptance are the main ingredients to a successful marriage.

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Making Yourself More Attractive to Women

Every man has experienced it, though many refuse to admit that it bothers them in the slightest – rejection. Chances are you’ve pulled out all the stops to get a woman to go out with you, perhaps even just talk to you, and after all that trying – nothing, nothing at all but a cold shoulder and an icy one at that.

Rejection affects the best of us. But it doesn’t have to, at least not as often. Perhaps you’re experiencing it now because it’s safe to say that you’re unaware of the numerous things that can make you more sexually attractive to women. Having an idea of what women look for in their men definitely helps.

Being slightly sullen is alright but not being moody and depressed.
Save your smile for the right occasion – don’t flash it too often or she might think that you aren’t as dominant, i.e. masculine, as she’d have liked.

Scientists – they’re rarely wrong and when they are, they will learn from it and do better next time, at least most of the time. According to the University of British Columbia, women are most attracted to proud, powerful men – and even men who look ashamed – with broody looks.

Happiness, for all its virtues, seems to take a backseat to gloom, so brood away in a masculine way, but don’t look depressed because this doesn’t seem to do much for the fairer sex. Moreover, it’s not much fun either to be with a man who appears to carry all the burdens in the world.

Being bold enough to wear a red or pink shirt in opportune occasions.
According to Jim Pfaus, Ph.D., at Concordia University, “Red is one of the colours that, depending on the background contrast, causes longer orienting reflexes, in which you look abruptly at a novel feature in the environment.”

This means that wearing red could make women more likely to look at you, but there’s more to wearing red, as it makes men look more powerful, and therefore more dominant and masculine – qualities women look for in men.

Being in the know when it comes to women but discreet about it.
What men don’t know about women could fill the Grand Canyon several times over. This is something women have come to accept, but it doesn’t mean they’re pleased about it – not one bit.
This is exactly why you need to know things about women, and in a subtle manner, let them know you know it – subtlety is the key here and it unlocks a treasure-trove of wonders.

Did you know that women buy more cars than men, that female mechanics average salaries one-third higher than male mechanics or that one in ten women has never had an orgasm?

These are things you should know about women and you need to work on dropping them into the conversation when you get a chance, but in a tactful way that doesn’t make you come across as though you rehearsed beforehand.

Being fit, healthy and having a strong immune system.
Having a strong immune system means you’re packed with testosterone, the hormone of manliness. Women, according to studies conducted by researchers at Abertay University and Wayne State University, rank men with strong immune systems higher than men with weak immune systems in terms of sexual attractiveness – basically, if your immune system is strong, women are much more likely to find you sexually attractive, so look for natural ways to boost your testosterone levels.

But there are more benefits to having a strong immune system and truckloads of testosterone pumping through your system, because researchers at Wayne State University also found that men with high testosterone levels were better able to take control of the conversation with women, plus they were more assertive, and this increased their success rates.

Being inquisitive, earnest and enthusiastic to know about things, life, love and women.
Women love inquisitiveness, so ask about her, her friends, her mum and keep her at the centre of attention at all times – she wants to be wanted on many levels, not only physically and sexually, so pay attention to her emotions, her intellect and her interests.

However, you need to be earnest and take a genuine interest – or at least become wickedly adept at faking one – because women have a tendency to see through superficiality far better than men.

Being hygienic and smelling just as a real man should.
“Women are attracted to the ‘right’ body smells, which can be a mix of one’s natural scent and soap, scented deodorant, or scents from perfumes,” says Pfaus.

If you’ve ever watched nature documentaries, you’d realise that females determine suitable mates on a number of factors and good hygiene generally denotes good health.

Since you’re taking care of yourself, you’re more likely to make a suitable mating partner – think of yourself as a bird of paradise, albeit without the pretty feathers and the manic prancing.

You will still meet women who might not be drawn to you. However, instead of feeling bad for yourself, take it as a challenge and a learning experience to be a better man and the person you really are.

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I’d rather text than phone my date

Dear Nicola

I have been single for the last few months after being in a long-term relationship. Getting back into the dating game is a challenge for me I find it hard to communicate with my dates and feel very nervous. I’ve joined various online dating sites and exchanged numbers. I have arranged to meet with a few guys via text but when they call to hear my voice and for a chat I simply struggle to take the call, i’d rather communicate via text. Is there something wrong with me? How can I overcome my fear of speaking to complete strangers who could be potential boyfriend material. I don’t want to put them off yet at the same time I don’t want to make a fool of myself and say the wrong thing. Stephanie

Hi Stephanie

Firstly may I add there is nothing wrong with you. It has not been long since you have become single and not had time to adjust to the single life. This could be a contributing factor of not being able to talk to your dates with a phone call. People get worried over the simplest of things, it’s understandable that you feel nervous talking to a stranger when you don’t really know them. Sometimes people like to hear a voice of the person they will be meeting even if it’s for a short 5 minutes to discuss where and when. Maybe have a drink for dutch courage to settle your nerves you may be surprised and brave the call. If you can’t bring yourself to do this then explain to your dates that you would prefer to meet in person before speaking on the phone i’m sure they will understand. Aside from speaking with dates over the phone people in general can find phone calls with strangers intimidating at the best of times. I hope you manage to get the confidence but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. :)

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Ten Top Tips For Perfect Profile Photos

The Perfect Profile Photo

The Perfect Profile Photo

1) Use More Than One Photo

Ideally select four or five photos. Include at least one full-length shot – ideally two. The rest should be clear photos of your face.

2) Go Solo

Choose photos with just yourself in. Don’t leave someone guessing who you are, or give them the opportunity to compare you to your friends! Avoid shots with children, exes, tigers … They don’t give the positive impressions you might think they do!

3) Be Honest

Your photos should look like you. There’s no point turning up on a first date, and looking nothing like your profile photos. All photos should be no more than a year old, and ideally taken within the last six months. Yes, you have changed … we all do!

Age isn’t the only way photos can be deceptive. Choose photos which actually look like the person you see every day in the mirror. Don’t apply filters, and don’t select photos taken from an overly flattering angle.

4) Take Your Sunglasses Off

They mask your face. Don’t hide behind shades, be proud of who you are! Anyone interested in you should be attracted to the person behind the sunglasses. Yes, they may make you look cool in real life, but remember you’re showing complete strangers a photo of you – they don’t know what lies underneath.

5) Keep Your Clothes On

Keep them on! Even if you have an incredible body leave something to the imagination. How many of your friends did you see semi-naked, before you even met them?!

6) Head Outside

Lighting outside is always more flattering and realistic, and an outdoor setting can be relaxing and easy on the eye. If you don’t have any recent photos taken outside, try to take some next time you’re in a park or at an outdoor event.

7) Showcase Your Hobbies

Choose pictures which represent the real you. If you’re active, include photos of you playing your favourite sport. If you’re musical, include a snap of you playing your favourite instrument. Tell a story with the photos. Just make sure you’re doing activities that you actually do – not something you tried once and hated!

8) No Mirror Shots
Don’t take a selfie in a mirror. It looks like you have no friends to take a photo, and it will never be the taken from the best angle.

9) Ask A Friend For Help

Get a friend to help you – both taking photos and choosing them. It’s a lot easier to relax in front of a camera when a friend is holding it. Then before you post your photos online, get a second opinion about which photos look most like you.

10) A Photo Tells A Thousand Words

So choose those words carefully! We all read far more into photos than we realize. Make sure the photo shows the real you – wear clothes you would normally wear, and make sure the photos are taken in places you’d normally go. Like it or not, assumptions about social status, background and aspects of your personality will all be made from your clothing, hair, and the photos you’ve chosen to represent yourself.

Now put these top ten dating tips into practice at the Singles 247 Dating site!


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Common Lies on Online Dating Profiles

Dating site members are made up of all kinds of people, for centuries the media and society in general has influenced the mindset of the world into thinking that there is an ideal look or an ideal status. For example, men prefer young women over older ones, singles are preferred over involved people, and wealthy men are preferred before your average Joe. For this reason, many people choose to lie on their dating profiles. That way, they can gain the attention of someone they desire even if that person’s profile states that they would prefer someone with characteristics and traits that the liar does not possess.


The following are the common lies that people tell on their dating profiles:

“I ‘am Tall”
Most women prefer tall men over short ones. So many men lie about their height. For example, if a man is 5’8″ he might round it off to 6′. This would increase his chances in obtaining more profile views from women who are interested in men who are 6′ and above.

“I ‘am Educated”
A person’s education level speaks volume. It means that they are intelligent enough to have gained admission to a university. It means they can commit and be serious. This characteristic might also imply that the scholar enjoys activities such as studying, reading or a specific vocation such as fashion design, engineering, law, or even Medicine. Someone who does not have a college degree might be perceived negatively.

” I ‘am Wealthy”
For centuries, men have been the breadwinner. By tradition and social cultures, many women still prefer wealthy men over someone who does not earn much. A person who is experiencing financial troubles will not be anyone first choice due to the burden it potentially places on their chosen partner. Similarly, a man who does not want to be used for his money might state that he earns a lot less than what he does to filter out women who might want to use him. For this reason, many people lie about how much they earn.

”I ‘am Skinny”
Physical appearance plays an important role in maximizing views on anyone’s online profile. Therefore, it is not surprising that members are more likely to upload their best pictures to share with the dating community. For example, if someone who is skinny gains more weight than they would normally choose to, they might lie about their weight on their profile if other members prefer skinny partners.

”I Have a Good Job”
A person’s career tells a lot about the type of individual they are, their network, possible earnings, education level, schedule, amount of free time, their interests, etc. Someone with a good job is respected. If a member does not have a job worth showing off, they may lie about it so that they will have a better chance of being someone others might want to date.

Other common lies include married people claiming to be single, uninvolved and have no children to avoid the disrespect that it might bring. Others also lie about their interests and hobbies. Most lies are not meant to cause any harm, and are only used to increase a member’s chances in obtaining the person of their dreams. However, the truth does usually turn up in the end.

Article written by Tom-CFD c/o SovietMate, who works as freelancer in website. The site includes information about General chicks and about dating Hot Russian Girls and girls from other European and CIS Countries.

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Should I let him see his kids

Dear Nicola

I’m a single mum of two with no contact with my kids Dad for nearly 10 years. He’s never supported me financially or shared responsibility for them and now out of the blue he wants contact. I have very ill feelings towards their dad and would love for him to disappear as I feel he is unworthy of contact. I don’t want my kids to feel upset if he is unreliable which would cause them great distress now they are older and aware of the situation. Do I let him see his kids or do I live with the guilt of them not getting to know their Dad. Cheryl

Hi Cheryl

I can understand your predicament of not wanting to allow your children to have contact with a man who has never shown responsibility. Assess the situation, does their Dad seem sincere wanting to have a relationship with his kids again, does he regret the past and want to make up for it, will he start financially paying for them? These are examples of what you need to think about, also how do the children feel about wanting to see him and if they are happy about this. Arrange to meet to discuss all these factors with your ex and tell him your reservations but don’t cut him off until he gives you cause for concern. As the sole parent you have been for years he also has needs to respect your wishes in arrangements of when and how the contact will be made. The last thing you want is a guilty conscience stopping your children from seeing him or even more so your children resenting you. Remember they’re older and will make their own opinions as long as you are there for them when they need you. Good luck and I hope it goes well for you all.

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The Secrets to Creating a Good Dating Profile

Dating is a game of first impressions. First you have to make the right one online, and then again in person.

Fail to make a good impression online, and your ideal match will click straight on past. Fail to make a good impression in person, and your first date could also be your last!

When it comes to dating, the worst first impression you can make is a disappointing one. Which means whilst your online dating profile needs to be good, it also needs to properly represent you. The whole point of meeting someone online, is to then meet up in person. So anyone attracted to your online profile, should also be attracted to you in person. There’s no point in false advertising!

I once went on a date with a guy, who looked almost ten years older in person than he did in his photos. It was like going on a date with a completely different person. We stayed friends, and once I had access to his Facebook photos, I did a search to see just how old the photos he was using online were. They were seven years old!

When you select photos of yourself to use online, obviously you want to pick good ones. But they also need to be realistic. And no matter how little you think you’ve changed in the past few years, we all change with age. So be honest. Pick good photos, which look like you, but which are no older than a year. Ideally choose photos that have been taken in the last six months.

We all have those photos where we think we look incredible, but that deep down, we know don’t actually look like the person we see every day in the mirror. Those photos might be great for social media, and for a bit of an ego boost, but they’re not the shots to use on your online dating profile.

Use an up to date head shot

Use an up to date head shot

My online dating profile includes a couple of good head shots, which look like me, and have been taken recently. I have several full-length shots, so anyone reading can see I’m a relatively tall, size 12 woman. And I also included a couple of photos where I’ve been playing sport and have no make-up on. I’d much rather the first impression I made on a date was that I look better in real life, not worse!

As for your dating profile, don’t overthink your answers.

Remember, the profile is meant to represent you. Because that’s the person any suitors will be dating. And when you’re on a date, and someone asks you a question, you don’t have hours to polish and refine your answers. So go with your gut! Answer the questions honestly, and with the first answers which spring to mind. By all means go back, and check what you’ve written. But don’t spend hours creating a witty work of art, if the end result is something that doesn’t sound like you.

These days I spend hours each day writing my dating blog, and I always get the best responses to the stuff I write unplanned. Because it’s those posts which come from the heart, and which really sound like me. The same applies to my online dating profile. If I know I’m answering questions, and talking “like the real me”, then I know my date won’t be surprised when I’m also that same person in real life!

So relax and be yourself. The right man or woman will be attracted to the real you.

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10 Most Beautiful Fitness Gurus

A lot of us here at Singles247 like to stay in shape and that got us thinking, who has that winning combination of looking absolutely stunning and being in great shape? Here are our top 10.

10) Kit Rich










It’s not hard to see why Kit has made the list, she is extremely beautiful and is in perfect shape. This fitness guru has worked with the likes of Ke$ha and other Hollywood A-listers. She uses revolutionary techniques that combine yoga, philates, cardio and weight training to really get the most out of her workout program.

9) Caroline Jordan










Caroline is the prime example that good things come in small packages, this beauty may be small but man she is in great shape. She will put the best through their paces and show them what it really is to workout. For that reason alone she is at number 9.

8) Anna Renderer










Anna is one of our favourite fitness gurus because of all the great work she does at helping children and young adults get into great shape. Anna is the CEO and founder of KFIT Health as well as starring on numerous fitness TV shows. With that great figure and beautiful features she is perfect for TV and is an obvious choice for number 8.

7) Christine Bullock Simon










Christine is certainly a looker and radiates positive energy. She is one of the most popular yoga and pilates trainers in the whole of LA, that certainly says something about the quality of her service. Her perfect body and good looks is a winning combination in our books.

6) Kathryn Budig










Kathryn is not just a pretty face she is also a world famous yoga teacher. Her talents have taken her all around the world to help people get into better shape. This fitness guru is a massive dog lover and shows her passion for these four legged friends by setting up the Poses for Paws charity that helps raise money for dog shelters through yoga.

5) Heather Dorak










Heather is one of the hottest women on the planet and is absolutely fitness crazy! This ex dancer is now the proud owner of Pilates Platinum, Los Angeles’s fastest growing pilates centre. Now that is some achievement. Her combination of looks, fitness and they way she handles her business is the reason why she is our top 5.

4) Tracey Zindell










Tracy is a pilates trainer that really knows how to push her clients to the limit and get the most out of their workouts. Owner of Flex Pilates this fitness fanatic has one of the most successful studios in Chicago.

3) Charlee Atkins










Charlee is a well known Soul Cycle instructor and model for Wilhelmina. Charlee is a strong believer in strengthening your mind as well as your body. This fitness hottie loves to discover new ways to motivate her clients. Charlee is in our top 3 because of her combination of brains, beauty and ability to motivate anyone.

2) MC Baroa










MC came into fitness really late but she has made up for that with all the great work she has done. This beauty is a well known model NYC, fitness enthusiast and blogger promoting health and fitness to the world. She is our number two because of how much she has done in a short amount of time and getting into the fitness industry at the age of 33.

1) Sierra Blaire-Coyle










Sierra is an obvious choice for our number 1, this blonde beauty is not your average 20 year old. A professional rock climber, model and motivational and fitness speaker she has achieved more at 20 than most at 40. She is the youngest qualifier for the World Cup in 2010 and a two-time National Champion as a junior competitor. With everything she has achieved she still has a strong focus on education and is a sophomore at Arizona State University.

Meet your own fitness fanatic at Fit Singles 247 whether they be your new gym buddy or your new partner.

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10 Tips to keep a long term relationship going

Over the years, there has been plenty of blogs posted on the internet about dating, including guides about how to become successful on first dates or how to make great first impressions with the opposite sex. While it’s important to understand how you can turn something which you might not consider to be too serious into a proper love affair where you become a couple, there’s not a lot online about how you can help keep a relationship going or how you can turn another short lived relationship into something long, rewarding and wholesome. Here are our tips on just that:

Throw parties

A big mistake that couples can make with each other is to spend every waking second together. Try throwing parties and inviting your friends over, maybe at the same time and in separate rooms. This will allow you to be around each other but not be exclusively together, all while the lads are playing poker and the girls have a chat over a bottle of wine, keeping everything interesting for both parties.

Go travelling

If you’re stuck in a rut or you end up going back to the same restaurants again and again, you should try visiting a new city, staying in a hotel and just recharging your batteries with each other. This is a great way to keep things interesting when you feel that you might be struggling and it’s refreshing to spend time in a new, exciting or even exotic place that you discover together and create memories which will last a lifetime.

Spend time apart

If you’re in a long term relationship, this is one of the hardest things to do, especially if you care and love each other dearly. Being apart from each other allows you some freedoms and you’ll miss each other so when you’re back together, you’ll be more obsessed with each other than ever before.

This could mean visiting a friend in another town or family back home, but one thing is for sure, if you truly love each other, you should form a stronger bond when you’re back in each others company.

Shower each other with gifts

If things are stagnating a little, a little gift here and there will not only let someone know that you love them, but will let them know that you were thinking about them when you weren’t together. This will keep things interesting and it doesn’t need to be something expensive, just something thoughtful from the moment.

Surprise each other

Maybe pop into his or her workplace just before dinner time and take them out for lunch, or just stop to say hello. This is a great way to let your other half know that you care and that you’re thinking of them. It’s a surefire way to reinforce any strong feelings you have for each other.

Make time for dates

Just because you’ve been going out with each other for a while doesn’t mean you should forget your duties and stop going on dates with each other. Try booking somewhere different and romantic, make it special and try to do this on regular occasions, be it weekly, monthly, or on specific occasions.

Set goals

Nothing says commitment like planning something big together, be it moving or buying a house, having kids or looking for better jobs. Try sitting down and thinking about how you can best accomplish these things, you’ll definitely form a stronger bond. But don’t just stop there, try to better yourselves for each other in terms of health, comfort and happiness and remember that things are done better together than on your own.

Try something new in the bedroom

There is always something that you’ve never tried before, and this rings true when you look at bedroom action. If you’ve been with someone a long time, it might get a little monotonous in the bedroom, but if you really want to stay together for a long time, try and spice things up, maybe try using some toys, or having some fun with some roleplay. If the things above don’t sound appealing to you, try giving them a go and you might be surprised, at the very least you would have shared a new experience together.

Have a threesome

At some point, every couple will make that decision as to whether they will want to have a child, yes a child, and not bringing another person into the bedroom. There’s nothing quite like bringing a little baby into the equation to strengthen a bond between a couple. But if that sounds like too much of a commitment, try getting a pet, perhaps a dog or cat to look after and see how you fare.

Embark on a quest of discovery

The easiest way to keep a long-term relationship healthy is to try and discover new things and try something different. Take classes such a yoga or dancing lessons, try going to the museum, learn a language together or go on bike rides with one another. If you really want to be with each other the very best thing you can do is keep things fresh and live life to the full with eyes on discovery and of course, eyes on each other.

If you’re finding you and your partner are struggling and are going through a rough patch, you shouldn’t just give up on things. By following the ten steps above, you’ll go a long way to ensuring that your relationship remains both healthy, fruitful and happy for the two of you, now go and buy your other half a gift, try putting our tips into action with a date from Singles 247.

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