How To Behave Like The Perfect Gentleman On a First Date

Even if it seems like the easiest thing on earth, being the perfect gentleman sometimes occurs to be a real challenge. Of course, everything depends on the expectations of the woman but there are basis rules for gentleman that cannot be underestimated in any way. Especially when it comes to first dates, the impression that is made is more than important and will play a great role for the developing of further relationship with the woman. In case you do not want to disappoint your lady, I will offer you very valuable tips that will present you as an excellent gentleman who respects women.

The first date is traditionally full of many emotions and funny situations, but you need to take into account that the real gentleman always has control of the things, showing his impeccable manners in every possible situation.
In this article you will be acquainted with excellent tips how to make your lady feel unforgettable on your first date.

Look Like a Gentleman and Take Care of Your Appearance
The real gentleman always takes care of his appearance. If you want to impress your lady, present yourself in clean and comfortable clothes. This does not mean to put on an official costume and to behave like an aristocrat but you can still prepare a flower for your lady. I assure you that it is not old fashioned- just on the contrary, every woman adores flowers, whether she admits it or not. A pair of nice jeans and an appropriate shirt in a combination with a red rose will work perfectly for such type of occasion. Use a perfume with a light scent and avoid the heavy ones, because they often disturb not only the women, but all the people that are situated near you.

Make suitable compliments and be careful for your language
The perfect gentleman always knows when to make compliments. As far as the first date is concerned, I advise you not to use compliments as a weapon to impress the lady. There are many ways in which you can show the woman that you appreciate her beauty and intelligence, but apart from this, you can try to initiate an interesting conversation on diverse themes that will appeal to both of you. Pay attention to your language and keep your mouth clean from all those impolite words and expressions that demonstrate a lack of intelligence. Instead be as courteous as possible to your date and pay attention on what she says.

Be a Good Listener
One of the first-date rules is to be prepared to be a good listener. Probably the woman will want to tell you more about her life and past experiences. Instead of interrupting her in the middle of the sentence, listen to every detail of the story. I advise you not to be too curious and to let her say only the things that she considers appropriate for the moment. A true gentlemen never crosses that border and knows well that it is important to be discreet on the first date.

At the end of the date, you can ask for permission to kiss your date. Some women find this very romantic, because in this way you show her your respect and good manners. Of course, you often need to improvise when it comes to first dates, however the important thing is to show enthusiasm and willingness to impress the woman. To be a gentleman is not out of date and I can guarantee that most of the women adore such kind of behaviour.

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New Year New Me?

Dear Agony Aunt Nicola

Over Christmas i’ve been eating quite a lot and now the New Year has come around the excessive food eating has piled on the pounds. I want to start dating and don’t feel confident enough the way I look, yes there’s the gym but i’m far out in the middle of the countryside and at home I end up with no motivation to keep fit. My New Years resolution was to change body shape and get the man of my dreams but how can I when I feel like this. Louise

Hi Louise

Firstly you are not on your own when it comes to finding it difficult to lose weight and finding the motivation. The New Year is always a good start in making a change and very common when many reflect on their lives. I understand you are not happy but you need to find the motivation or nothing can be achieved to gain the body shape you desire. Is there a relative or friend who could come to your home to help give you some encouragement and perphaps do some fitness exercise with you? Being out in the countryside would be good for a run in the clean fresh air without the worry of obstacles in your path. Do remember though your weight doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get a date it’s all about you as a person and how you perceive yourself. The key to a successful relationship is to learn to love yourself before you can love others.

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Learning to Live Together

In this day and age, the idea of independence when it comes to modern-day couples is becoming an important concern for relationship duration. The concept of “his” and “hers” has been developing over the past century, especially with women, and has resulted in the rise of divorces and breakups, leaving “hopeless romantics” and “until death do us part” in the dust. Therefore, in order to fix this common struggle of ‘coexistence,’ you must start off with two fundamental concepts: respect and acceptance. Once you’ve accomplished these important parts of a successful relationship, communication, commitment and even fun will fall into place much easily.

How to Keep the Lions Tamed at Home

Currently, there is a new concept about couples going around called “the three year glitch.” This could be defined as the rapid deterioration of once passionate relationships after saying “I do” and moving in together. The main cause for this “downturn” is primarily clashes of opinion, unpleasant or bothersome habits, weigh gain, or lack of excitement romantically-speaking. Nonetheless, there are techniques to avoid this “early termination” of a bond once so unbreakable. If the fights continue without any attempts to stop them, these bad situations could eventually lead to what is called a “couple expiration date.”

Getting along better with your partner starts with both parties giving a little and making some sacrifices to create a better living environment at home. This doesn’t suggest repeating “thank you” for every time that your other half routinely leaves the bed in a nest-like form in the morning or conveniently forgets to lower the toilet lid for the 500th time. This entails getting your partner to recognize the behaviors that bother you, but in a peaceful fashion to avoid starting a fight over an empty, left-out bottle of Coke. Make what annoys you about them into a joke so instead of bickering, you both end up giggling.

Understanding Each Other and Working Out Differences

Most of the time, these annoying tendencies aren’t done on purpose, which makes them mere “bad habits.” We all have flaws and pet peeves, but once love and “forever and ever” are in the picture, you’ll have to, quote-on-quote, “accept” your lover for who they are and for what they do, acknowledging the fact that they most likely won’t alter their views or lifestyles after so many “years of experience.” Likewise, this doesn’t require you to become a maid and pick up, clean up or organize everything that your significant other ‘undoes,’ but rather take it lightly and work it out in a way that it is bearable for the both of you. However, if the situation at home grows violent or psychologically tortuous, then that would be the sign to call it quits. No one needs to be mistreated just because they’re in love.

Keeping the Love Alive

Once you’ve both overcome your differences and have learned to respect each other, you will begin to realize that there are techniques to keep the “fire of passion” burning regardless of how much time you’ve been together. You must always remember the influential power of words by just the use of language itself: these combinations of letters are how you communicate, express yourselves, lie, tell the truth, expose secrets, confess, etc. For that reason, it is always important to keep these words free of lies and dedicate what you say to your lover be with words of honesty, devotion, respect, and patience. These are the best ways to maintain a long-lasting relationship, because if you both don’t make some sacrifices, your love won’t survive. Once you find “a happy medium,” your long-standing motives for being together in the first place will reemerge, and you will once again be able to relish in the fun and exciting lifestyles of newly-formed couples.

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The Most Important Person

The thing about dating, is that sometimes it can all seem to be about the other person. You wait for a response. You wait to be asked out. You wonder if they feel the same way. But in reality there’s always someone more important to think about. Because when it comes down to it, successful dating is all about you, and your relationship with yourself.

Self Doubt

Sometimes it can be difficult not to see being single as a form of failure.

In the same way we set ourselves aims for our career, we also set ourselves targets for our personal lives, and it can be hard not to compare ourselves to others. But the reality of relationships, is that they happen at different times, and in different ways, for everyone.

If you’re feeling down about your single status, then sometimes it can feel like it may never end. Whilst the rational side of your brain knows that you just need to cast your net wide, and wait to meet the right person, every now and again it’s natural to panic. To question yourself. To worry that maybe you’re doing something wrong. And yet a key lesson to learn about dating is that being single is not a failure, and it’s not a reflection on you.

Self Confidence

Confidence is attractive. We’re drawn to those who are self-assured. As a result, picking yourself apart, and blaming yourself for your single status is completely counter-intuitive.

In most cases, the reason someone is single is simply a case of timing. Maybe you’ve just come out of a relationship. Maybe you haven’t got over an ex properly. Maybe you’ve been too busy with work, or not had enough time to meet new people. The reason you’re single is very rarely down to your weight, your personality, or your appearance … and yet when you’re feeling particularly low or desperate, these might seem like easy answers. Something to blame. Something to ‘fix’.

Self Awareness

They say you need to love yourself before someone else can. And in order to truly love the person you are, you first need to understand that person.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, really focus on who you are, and what you are capable of. What are your strengths and weaknesses? These questions aren’t simply important for self confidence, they’re also a very necessary part of the dating process. You need to understand yourself, in order to recognise what you need in a partner. Are you affectionate? Are you tactile? Are you someone who needs her own space? Do you have limited time for your relationship?

Self Growth

By all means, make changes to yourself. But never make them for someone else. Any changes you make to yourself need to be made for yourself. If you decide you need to do something for your own happiness, then make a change.

It would be naïve to suggest there is no room for self-improvement in life. But the important thing is that you don’t link the desire for improvement to your single status. If you see the two things as linked, then it will only end up being destructive. You need to know that anyone you attract is drawn to you. Not just attracted to the new improvements.

Self Worth

Once you’ve developed self-confidence, and you’re aware enough of your self to understand what you’re worth, you should never forget it.

You should never feel like you’re stuck in a situation because you don’t deserve better. If that’s how something feels, then it’s not right for you. In life there may be certain things we compromise on, but love shouldn’t be one of those things. Know your own value. Don’t let someone push you around, or make you feel unworthy.

Keep that knowledge of your own self-worth with you every day. It’s even more important when you’re not single. Never let someone treat you with disrespect. Stand up for yourself, and believe in yourself. Be your own biggest cheerleader. You need to be the most important person in your world.

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Being Single and Lonely at Christmas

Dear Agony Aunt Nicola

I dream of having just one Christmas to share with someone special but being single for many years doesn’t give me hope. I rarely go out and when I do when I see couples walking hand in hand it makes me sad that I don’t have that. Over the festive break we have family gatherings and my relatives are always asking me why I haven’t found myself a nice lady, and I’m sure they think I’m gay. It’s embarrassing even turning up to functions alone, I just don’t get it and starting to think there’s something wrong with me. What can I do to make a difference in my life and actually enjoy Christmas with a partner for once?


Hi John

Firstly let me say you are not on your own at Christmas, there are thousands in the same situation as you just longing for a partner. For some reason Christmas time makes people feel even sadder and lonely because they have no one to share the special moments such as opening presents with and social gatherings. The best advice I can give you is to stay positive and keep the faith that one day you will meet someone for a long lasting relationship. The fact you have been on your own for so long maybe due to your inadvertent negative vibes and not showing a positive outlook which can have an effect on meeting new people and could cost you a potential date. It’s mind over matter, train your brain into being happy and outgoing then you will see the difference. Good luck in your search.

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How Personal Blogs Popularize Dating Sites

Internet Access and Smartphone’s Recast the Online Dating Industry:

Over the past half decade, the online dating business has greatly increased its number of enjoyers and followers. This sudden rise in popularity is not only due to text messages, free messenger systems like WhatsApp and other online social networks like Facebook, but also by the discovery of promotional blogs related to particular romantic niches on-line. Nowadays, relationship seekers can first check out personalized romantic blogs to get to know what the online dating world is like, what its pros and cons are, and then dive directly into the cyber dating realm with much ease.
Educating yourself first before getting romantically involved in an exciting relationship such as an on-line one is always a smart move. These valuable tips can be found within the content of specialized dating blogs that can be simply accessed via your preferred Internet search engine. After this fundamental preparation, you will then be guaranteed to find an amusing fling or a long-term one in the wink of an eye.

Visual Presentation and Opening Attraction is Essential:

Within the networked realm of the business world, promoting and making your dating website attractive to the public is like getting ready to make that fundamental good impression on a first date. Breaking the ice with a dating site is crucial, particularly when it comes to obtaining and preserving new costumers. Fortunately, with today’s wireless Internet connection, you can create a well-informing, easily-accessible blog for your dating site, which should obviously be frequently updated.
Furthermore, you can inform possible followers about your site via sponsored advertisements on your blog itself or by making yourself known on social networks like Facebook. Lastly, it’s vital to exhibit an on-line presence that is both functional and one-of-a-kind so that the content is both uniquely presented on the blog and useful to the readers. After achieving a successful on-line presence, your blog will be able to reach out to endless numbers of customers in just a few clicks.

How to Confirm that You Are an Expert in the Dating Niche with Help from the Social Media and Other Intriguing Sources

In order to convince blog followers that you truly know what you’re talking about, you have to prove, (even if it’s untrue) that you possess a burning passion for the niches in which you claim to be an expert. In the case of a dating site, it would be wise to incorporate info and links, where potential lovers can relate to one another since all human beings search for places and issues in which they can discover shared ground.
For instance, if a person is sentimentally blinded by the harmonizing notes of music, your personalized blog should include some articles about how the balance of music affects couples in the modern age. In addition, it should introduce a few hopelessly romantic music videos to provoke tender thoughts or plans of long term relationships or even marriage. Furthermore, infographics are becoming more and more popular in this wireless age being that they are much quicker to read and understand by means of their detailed images and concise inscriptions. Also remember to keep you SEO skills up-to-par so that your blogs and sites can be quickly accessed!

Being Known as a “Reference” Is Always a Plus:
In order to receive useful feedback for your sites and blogs, it all starts with a positive comment or feedback on someone else’s site. Additionally, by leaving positive feedback on other websites or helpful suggestions, if others agree with you, they are almost guaranteed to visit your sites and blogs and probably use you as a reference, especially if you presume to sound what you’re talking about! As a final point, the more positivity in general on your sites or the ones of others, more and more people will be attracted to your forward-looking vibe and won’t think twice about visiting or recommending your pages to others!

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Dating Advice – Should I Double Date

Dear Nicola

My friend wanted me to accompany her to go on a date with a guy she had met online. I was a little surprised of her request but she was very nervous with being new to dating so I agreed. We met this guy at a bar unbeknown to him of my arrival or why I was there which he may have thought was quite strange. My friend should have said but I took upon myself to explain she was new to it and wanted my support. To cut a long story short, my friend didn’t seem bothered about her date and kept yawning therefore I felt I had to make the effort as it was a little awkward. In the end I found myself getting on well with him and we had many similar interests. However due to my friends lack of interest the meeting was cut short and she made an excuse to leave and didn’t seem too happy I was enjoying her date more than her. She clearly doesn’t want to keep in touch but I really liked him therefore would it be wrong of me to get in touch given he was my friends date? I don’t want to offend my friend in any way as she’s quite lonely after a recent split. Please help Katrina

Hi Katrina

Firstly you did your friend a favour to support her on a date by going with her practically holding her hand. It’s not the norm for a man to date with her friend also so I can imagine it would have been very awkward for him especially if he was nervous too and without warning. The tables seemed to turn where you felt more a connection with this man than your friend, we can’t say this was a wrong thing even though ‘he wasn’t your date’ but no one ever knows when cupid will strike! I say go for it, your friend clearly wasn’t interested and why should you miss out on the chance for happiness. If she is a good friend then she will be happy for you to see him again and you never know he may have a friend to introduce to her so you can all double date.

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Do Appearances Count with Online Dating?

Dear Nicola

I’ve been single for some time and thought i’d give online dating a go. I am confident in most things but when it comes to my appearance that’s a different story, I’m not blessed with good looks some may say that i’ve been hit with the ugly stick but I won’t let that deter me from meeting mr right. I am hoping there is someone out there for everyone as the saying goes. The main problem with online dating for me is the lack of communication initially as most men initially judge on looks which doesn’t hold me in good stead when there are many pretty women to compete with. If you have any suggestions to help that would be much appreciated. Jane

Hi Jane

Online dating is a good way to communicate with the opposite sex but I take on board people can judge on appearance at first glance. To some people a photo is crucial for them to decide if the attraction is there before they decide to hold a conversation with that person. Everybody’s preference on who they think is attractive is a personal preference, what could be appealing to one person may not be to another. Life would be boring if we all had the same idea of what is considered ‘good looking’ or ‘attractive’ so please don’t let this hinder in your quest for finding a suitable date. Think positive and your prince charming will be just around the corner when you least expect it.

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The Numbers Game

We all know the expression well – “there’s plenty more fish in the sea.” At times, it’s the last thing you want to hear, especially if you’re hung up on one particularly special fish! But like all clichés, the phrase is based on a truth. And that truth could not be more appropriate, if you’re single and dating in 2014.

A Whole World of Choice
Never have we ever had quite so much choice. At the touch of a button you can access the profiles of single men and women all over the globe. The internet has allowed ourselves to cast our personal dating nets farther afield than any single people ever have before.

As a result, dating has well and truly become a numbers game. Something which comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

Picky Daters
On the one hand, we’re constantly being told how fussy we are as a dating generation. With so many matches available, people are less and less inclined to ‘settle’. But whilst you could see that as a negative, surely waiting to date the right person, rather than rushing to get into a relationship with the wrong person, is a more valuable long term benefit? There’s always been a big difference between settling down, and just settling.

Dating More Than One Person
These days you do have to be careful about exclusivity. You can’t simply assume that you’re the only person someone is seeing. The very nature of online dating inboxes, and dating apps, allow you to talk to multiple people at once. Again, you could see that as a negative, but it’s also something that comes with genuinely positive aspects.

Don’t Rush In
It can be too easy to rush headlong into romance, and often the relationships which start quickly also end quickly. By keeping your options open, meeting a range of people, and dating more than one person in the early stages before exclusivity, you can actually build stronger foundations for a relationship. By dividing your time across a range of daters, you don’t focus too much on one person, and so things can develop more slowly, and naturally. Everyone likes to feel like they are winning a prize when they find a partner, and so by not being too overly keen in the early stages of a relationship, you can actually pique each other’s interest more.

The Need for Honesty
Dating more than one person isn’t to be frowned upon. It’s the modern way of dating. The key to doing it properly, and fairly, is honesty. Be honest that you’re still dating other people, and don’t sleep with more than one person at the same time. Then, when you think you want to become exclusive, talk about it, and make sure you’re both on the same page.

Knowing What Really Matters
As someone who always thought she knew exactly what she wanted and needed in a partner, I can’t stress how important it is to get out and meet people. It’s only when you meet people face to face, that you can understand which characteristics are deal breakers, and which things don’t really matter at all. Some of the most important features you need in a partner, may not be categories you can search by on an online profile.

Learning About Yourself
It’s an odd reality, but the more people you date, the more you come to learn about yourself. Not just the things you’re prepared to tolerate, but often it’s only when you recognise characteristics in strangers, that you come to see them in yourself. Take the opportunity to learn more about yourself. It’s rare in life that you will get the opportunity to meet so many strangers, one-on-one, in a short space of time. And trust me, you won’t be single forever!


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Is She Into You? The 7 Types of Female Flirt

Men, if you see an attractive woman do you find yourself counting the seconds when you know she’s looking at you? Or maybe reading into the way she just licked her lips?

Women, do you find yourself frustrated that the guy you spend all your time flirting with never seems to know about it?

It’s been a problem for as long as humanity has been around to date – men have trouble reading women. It’s a tough job because unfortunately for them all women flirt differently. So before trying to find out the meaning behind every move a woman makes, it’s helpful to know what you’re looking for. Knowing the answer can even teach you how to start flirting in response…

No. 1 The Playful Flirt – Conversation will often be teasing between you and the playful flirt, there’s lots of laughter and it’s not just because she thinks you’re a clown. If you find yourself constantly the butt of her jokes, it could well be that you’ve come across a playful flirtation. Show that you’re a good sport and can take it but make sure you tease in return – build that tension.

No. 2 The Shy Flirt – Some women can’t talk to you, not because they’re rude but because they become a little tongue-tied around men they think are hot. If there’s no complicated history to explain this behaviour, there’s a possibility she finds you very attractive. This is one of the hardest to flirt types spot as often they’re trying hard to conceal their feelings. Making her feel comfortable is the way to knowing.

No. 3 The Awkward Flirt – An awkward flirt is similar to a shy flirt, but instead of folding inwards on themselves, they become a bit outwardly uncomfortable. Tell-tale signs are stumbling, tripping over or making indefinite movements, a broken or mumbling voice is revealing too. She might make slightly boring conversation, not because she is boring, but because she’s anxious. Don’t draw attention to what she does, see past it and make her feel at ease.

No. 4 The Boastful Flirt – Rather than becoming shy, some flirts are all about performance. Acts of bravado, show offy gestures, maybe doing slightly risky things are indications of showing off confidence to appear more desirable. A boastful flirt might involve talking themselves up about many things.

No. 5 The Self-deprecating Flirt – Do you know a woman who talks herself down around you? Maybe she asks for reassurance about how she looks today, or perhaps seems to need your help with something she can’t do. It can be a sign that she’d like you to be the gentleman and help her out. Be careful though, it can also be a sign that she’s very comfortable around you and sees you as just a friend or just needs help unscrewing a jar!

No. 6 The Tactile Flirt – This is a very obvious type of flirting. It’s all in the touch. If a woman makes physical contact with you at unnecessary opportunities, it won’t be because she doesn’t like you, that’s for sure. It doesn’t have to be very intimate, it can just be briefly touching you as she talks to you, leaning on you a little more than necessary. This type of flirt is very telling.

No. 7 The Overt Flirt – No mystery to be solved here, some women flirt and when they do they make sure you know about it. You go girl!
If you still aren’t sure whether a woman wants to be more than friends with you, the only way to really know is to ask. It may be painful, sure there’s risk involved, but it guarantees you don’t waste time pursuing someone who isn’t interested. Who knows, she may even find your confidence sexy!
Have you seen any other types of flirt?

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