I can’t stop going out with bad boys

Dear Agony Aunt Nicola

My relationships with men hasn’t been great and largely down to the fact I seem to be attracted to bad boys. It always ends in disaster no matter how much I try to make things work. My friends and family tell me often I should find a decent nice guy who doesn’t get in trouble of any kind and most of all treats women with respect. Even if I meet new guys I find a bad boy irresistible, how can I change my ways? Sandra

Hi Sandra

I hear it a lot where women prefer a bad boy as it can be exciting. It’s the thrill of ‘changing his ways’ and some women want a challenge rather than stuck with a guy who is seen as dull and boring. On the other hand there are some guys who play by the book who could still give you that excitement without the hassle. It’s important to have a healthy relationship where you can grow as a couple, if you don’t find someone who is on the same page it will never work. Ask yourself do you want a on a roller-coaster of emotions that a bad boy can create or stay balanced and grief free with a good guy? The choice can only be yours and I hope it’s the right one.

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I am a life coach and a trained relationship counsellor. I have a number of years experience and I enjoy nothing more then helping those in need. I like to think I am able to help those in the trickiest of situations.
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