Agony Aunt Nicola

“I am your Dating Agony Aunt, here to help answer any relationship problems you may have. I specialise in love, relationships and dating in general. I offer guidance to put peoples lives back in order.”

Being an Agony Aunt is rewarding and I can give the best advice possible to people who are really struggling to make sense of any situation. I specialise in working with those with love issues whether it be getting into the dating scene, break-ups or finding a way to keep hold of a loved one.

“Nicola helped me through a difficult time when i split from my husband, she gave me great advice” Sammy, 45 Brighton

With my natural skill of putting people at their ease I consider myself a top agony aunt. I offer solutions to any problem that is brought to my attention. I give great advice and will guide you in the best possible way.

I find I get a lot of requests from people about their break-ups, jealousy, sex and dating in general but feel free to ask me anything relationship related!

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