Dating Tips For the Girl Who Has No Time

10 Genius Dating Tips For the Girl Who Has No Time

1. Go straight for what you want. It can take ages to find Mr Right if you’re looking for a needle in a haystack, save time by looking specifically for single guys who match your interests. Retro 80s mullet dating anyone?

2. Plan the date around the outfit you’re wearing. Shopping for new clothes to wear on a date is fun but what about when you get a last minute offer? Let your clothes decide your activity: a dress means dinner, or if you’re wearing your onesie maybe stick to somewhere darker. That way you’re always ready to go.

3. Always carry highlighter. If you need to look alert and well‐rested but you’re hungover from partying too hard (or having to get up before midday to go to work) highlighter is going to sort you out. As well as giving your eyes an attentive and alluring glow, it can also cover spots and so much more.

4. Make sure he stands out in a crowd. Tell your date to be identifiable from a distance, ideally by carrying a large present with your name on it, for example flowers, chocolates, a puppy. Bonus: you get free stuff.

5. Lunchtime is the best time. Choose a date at lunchtime and you won’t be stuck in a dodgy date all evening if it goes awry. Saying you need to leave for work/other commitments will go down better than saying your cat sitter just cancelled.

6. But skip straight to dessert. Know a few places where you can just grab a mocha and a muffin ‐ of course, this is all about bonding together over sugary endorphins and definitely not about cake.

7. Discuss something daring. Show that you’re open and available by engaging in honest discussion about something personal. If it’s not too weird and he starts sharing with you too, then you’ll know you have something special.

8. Set your ringtone to your fave Taylor Swift song. If he looks put‐off when it rings, he probably isn’t the one.

9. Steal a kiss. They say it takes 15 minutes to know if you have chemistry with someone but when you haven’t got time for that, find out in 5 seconds flat by initiating a kiss.

10. Contact him the next day Sure waiting around works fine for Disney Princesses and women of period novels, but you’re an actual person. Let him know if you’re interested and likewise tell him if you’re not.

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