Does Testosterone Attract Women

Muscle ManTestosterone has been making way into the news, thanks to recent studies and additional education gained by the public. Researchers are finding that testosterone gives men the assertiveness and drive they need to attract a mate, and it also provides a competitive edge on the playing field. This data gives much insight to this issue and the different problems that are linked to low testosterone and ED.

Researchers Find that Testosterone Gives Men Assertiveness to Entice Women

There have been many theories circulating regarding testosterone. Some experts believe that this androgen is responsible for helping men to attract women. According to a study done at Wayne State University, investigators Slatcher and colleagues (2011) report clear evidence that testosterone in men is a contributing factor to enticing the opposite sex. Higher testosterone levels not only cause a women to become more attracted to a man, but this androgen also plays a role in a men’s competitive edge necessary for gaining the female’s affection.

Men with regular levels of testosterone were more likely to take control of the situation and converse with a potential mate than men who have low levels of the hormone. According to Slatcher, the lead researcher involved in the study, testosterone is linked to dominate behaviors, and there is a strong association between men’s blood levels and their ability to land the mate they desire. The scientists concluded that men with normal levels of testosterone were likely to succeed above men with lower ones. These findings were related to their assertiveness and drive to succeed. Men with lower levels do not have the dominance, which leaves them behind their competitors.

High Testosterone Creates a More Competitive Edge

Like the drive that men have to get their potential mate when they have high levels of testosterone, they also have a more competitive edge on the playing field. One study showed that men with higher testosterone levels were more likely to complete in vigorous activities and become rivals with strangers. These findings are just another reason as to why natural testosterone boosters are now so popular and sought after by both young and older men.

Red Wine May Mask Testosterone Levels

While red wine is shown to give athletes a boost in their stamina during sports play, due to the increase in performance-enhancing testosterone levels in their body, it not only helps them succeed in sports, but it can also help them to beat anti-doping tests. According to studies done at the University’s School of Life Sciences, researchers Jenkinson and colleagues (2012) say that red wine may reduce the amount of testosterone secreted by the body, which makes drug testing of urine samples inaccurate.

Both men and women have testosterone in their bodies, as it is a naturally occurring hormone that the body creates after puberty. Those who participle in sports are not allowed to take any form of synthetic testosterone, as it is considered to be giving themselves an edge above other players on the sports field. However, when red wine is taken on a regular basis, the higher levels of testosterone may not be detected in the urine, which allows the players to take the supplement without getting caught. Taking the supplement not only gives a more competitive edge, but it also heals them quicker and gives them a faster rebound rate.

Although there is not a ban on red wine, the recent studies that have shown it to hide the testosterone levels have been raising fears among the public. The researchers have reported these findings to the World Anti-Doping Agency, because of the potential to get through the drug test. Other drugs, such as those with an anti-inflammatory effect, are also being looked into, as some researchers believe that they may also decrease the amount of testosterone given off from the body, altering test results.

Final Thoughts

Millions of men in the U.S. have erectile dysfunction and low testosterone. Because a lack of this hormone can lead to loss of energy, low self-confidence, impotence, and depression, many have found that testosterone replacement therapy can eliminate these symptoms. To find out more about this, go to viafen


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