Don’t Let a Breakup Control Your Destiny

8 Dating Rules of the Rebound

1.   Don’t date someone your type. It will be a new dating adventure and eye opening. Plus you won’t find someone who is exactly like your ex.

2.   Jump back in. Don’t sit around sulking day after day, get back out there try new things like online dating! Living well is the best revenge

3.   Be Spontaneous. Have a bit of mystery about what you are doing; don’t be predictable in the dating scene.

Be Spontaneous

4.   Go to your friends. You’re friends know you best, and can probably set you up with a mutual friend they have with someone else. Networking pays, especially with hot new prospects!

5.   It could get serious. Rebounds don’t always have to be just that. So be open to it turning into something more.

6.   Break the Rules. When on the rebound, set boundaries for yourself.. But also don’t be afraid to disregard what you said that now seems unreasonable.

7.   Go with your gut. If you like them, go for it! Do what feels right.

8.   Keep your faith in love. Everything happens for a reason. There is no such thing as “coincidence.”


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Tina West

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