Excessive Jealousy in a Relationship

Excessive Jealousy

Excessive Jealousy

As part of our online dating advice series, here we talk about Jealousy.

In the initial stages of many relationships, some people may find jealousy a cute quirk of their partner.  Jealousy may indicate that your boyfriend or girlfriend has intense feelings for you.  This can be misconstrued as a confirmation of love and devotion. This feeling is as innate as any other.  Let us not forget that even children develop jealousy when a sibling receives more attention than they do.  To some, this is simply a feeling of sadness and helplessness. To others however, jealousy comes hand in hand with feelings of anger and the need for revenge. For this purpose, let us explore ‘excessive’ jealousy between couples.


Nip It in the Bud

When signs of jealousy are apparent right from the start of a relationship, this concern should be addressed immediately. Perhaps being honest about being jealous is shameful to admit, but if it exists then this may develop into a serious and relationship-threatening matter. Therefore, a person should constantly reassure their boyfriend or girlfriend about their stance when it comes to situations that involve social interaction with people of the opposite gender. As jealousy can be considered human-nature, it is difficult to control the feeling but it is very possible to control our reaction to it.


Understand Jealousy’s Potential

Jealousy may cause numerous problems in any relationship.  It is not a phase, and there is no set timeline.  It has the potential to spark an argument, fuel resentment, cause physical and mental harm, and eventually leads to a break-up.  In certain cases, it has even led to more serious consequences such as property damage, e.g. jealous person setting fire to their partner’s car, and house, and worst, recorded fatalities as a result of jealous partners.  This is a serious matter that may lead to unwanted circumstances and so the potential of this feeling should be thoroughly understood.


Can Jealousy Be Prevented?

Jealousy is a reaction to a certain sentiment.  This can be intentionally or unintentionally provoked.  Nevertheless, it can be avoided.  In the event that a person is jealous-prone they can be briefed on how best to handle such situations, so that it does not cause any harm to the relationship.  If you are a jealous person, it is important for you to remember that your partner is not an object and that their obligation in the relationship is a choice.  Occasionally, it is only when one person walks out of the relationship that the extent of harm is fully understood. It is a blessing just to be with the person you love, as well as their choosing to be with you. Thus, it is a feeling that can not only be prevented but also controlled.  Remember to think before you act out of spite, and stop before you react.

Jealousy can sometimes be understood by a lack of confidence in both yourself and your partner. This is already a bad sign and should not be encouraged.  Believe in your partner and trust that they deserve the benefit of the doubt. This will result in a happier and more fulfilling relationship, more if the relationship that you want to start is a long distance relationship to date girls from other countries, for example Dating Ukraine or Russian Brides for marriage, using an international marriage agency via the Internet like Sovietmate Dating Agency.


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