First Date Mistakes You Won’t Recover From

No-first-kissA first date is always a nervous affair no matter how many you have been on before, and as everyone knows there are certain things that you should always avoid. However not everyone knows that there are certain mistakes you can make that you will not be able to recover from.

If you avoid these fatal mistakes then no matter how badly your date went, you will be able to recover it. This list was comprised to stop you from making the worst dating faux pas possible on a first date.

1) Forcing the First Kiss

We all have an idea of how your first kiss should be, we’ve all seen the movies where you walk her home and move in for the kill outside her door. But when it comes to reality women may want to wait longer than the first date to share that important moment.

Depending on how the date went is usually what sways the woman to either accept or reject the first kiss. What a guy perceives as a successful first date could be completely different from a woman’s perspective.

If the two of you aren’t on the same page then it can lead to a very awkward encounter where he leans in and she moves away, making you look foolish and embarrassed or you lean in again until she can’t back away almost as though you are forcing yourself upon her. Either one of these scenarios isn’t great and can make you come across as too eager.

2) Talking Politics

Or any other subject of debate, it’s never a good idea to get into an argument on a date let alone a first date. Your political or religious views can completely change your date’s views of you. If for no other reason discussing politics is hardly a topic that will tell you a lot about their personality and their hobbies anyway

If you are going to talk politics which we highly recommend you avoid, make sure you both support the same political party.

3) Avoid Overstepping Boundaries

This is going to be your first date, probably the first time you have ever sat down with them, so don’t make the crucial mistake of trying to hold hands over the table. Public displays of affection are often used to show you are exclusive, it suggests that you own one another, a statement you definitely can’t make on a first date.

You never want to overstep your mark, and public displays go way past that boundary, physical contact should be kept to a handshake when you first meet and maybe a kiss or hug at the end of the date if things go well. Any more than that and you are going way too far.

Other honourable mentions of things you really should avoid on a first date are:

  • Talking about an ex
  • Talking about money
  • Poor hygiene
  • Trying too hard
  • Talking too much

Now you know what you must avoid when going on a first date, now is the time to find that special someone that you want to take on a date – it’s easy via the Singles 247 dating site.


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