Getting Out of the Dating Rut

I can’t count how many times single men tell me how bored they’re getting of dating. “It’s the same date every time.” “I just go to the same place, and end up on the same date!” “It’s like Ground Hog day … same date, different girl!”

Don’t get me wrong, dating can be exhausting! These days, no one has much free time, and if you’re actively dating, it can take up a lot of your spare time. But if meeting new people ever starts feeling like a chore, then there’s no point continuing to go on dates. I frequently say that a date should never feel like a job interview. But it also shouldn’t feel like hard work!

So how can you get out of a dating rut?

Know when enough is enough

Dating can get tiring. If nothing is developing from them, the highs and the lows can start to get a bit dull after a while. The key to successful dating is to recognise when it’s getting too much for you. Change things up a bit. Give yourself a few weeks away from dating all together, or try something different. Check out a live singles event instead, or put your single status to the back of your mind entirely and focus on other stuff instead.

Don’t let dating be your only hobby

Dating is just a mechanism to meeting new people. Yes, it might take up a lot of your time, but it should certainly never become your only hobby. Getting a date is only the first hurdle of a long dating process. If you want to find a long-term partner, then you need to attract him or her. And people are attracted to interesting people who have hobbies and passions. If dating has become your only pass-time, other than work, you’re going to make for a rather dull date! Take a step back! Have a think about what defines you. What do you love to do? What makes you the person you are? Once you’ve answered those questions, take some time out to focus on those things. The other person should never complete you. You need to be a whole person before you start to look for a partner to complement you.

Mix it up

You are in charge of your own dating destiny! If things start to feel rather repetitive and dull, than make some changes. Do something different. If you keep finding yourself on dinner dates, or pub dates, and you’re getting bored, then say something. Suggest something different to your date. There are heaps of fun first date options out there. Look around the town or city you live in, and see if anything appeals. Is there a show you’ve been wanting to go to? An exhibition at a gallery or a museum? Do you love playing a particular sport? Remember, you’re using your free time to date. How do you want to spend that free time? If you suggest something which you love to do, as an alternative to a more traditional type of date, you may learn a lot about your compatibility with the other person. Also, by going on a more active date, you will reduce a lot of the first date pressure, and the situation will create a number of ice-breakers to help you on the date.

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Charly Lester

Charly Lester considers herself a dating expert. She wrote a blog called ’30 Dates’, and she speaks regularly about dating. Charly is a firm believer that the best way to attract the right person is to relax, and just enjoy being single.
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