I’m 38 and never had a boyfriend

Dear Nicola,

I’m 38 and never had a boyfriend and feel life is passing me by while everyone else is getting married and having children. The reason is I live at home with my mum and she is very dependant on me to do everything therefore I never have a chance to have my own time socialising and meeting new people. If I were to tell my mum I would be going on a date I know she would feel sad and think I am neglecting her. As much as I love my mum I do need to put myself first before it’s too late as I have already wasted half of my life. What can I do to make things easy for myself and explain this to my mum? Zoe.

Hi Zoe,

I understand you worry about your mum feeling neglected but you may find she wants you to find a partner and enjoy life. A parent would always want their child to be happy so maybe you are the one feeling guilty and not her. Try talking to her about your needs in life and you want to spread your wings and fulfil ambition. If you are worried reassure her that you are not neglecting her but you need some time to do your own thing. She will understand but you have to make the change to find out what life would be like outside your familiar surroundings.

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