Is it the man’s responsibility to pay for his date?

Dinner for two but who will pay?

Most of us have all been there where we have started dating and enjoying eachothers company by day trips out or spending evenings out in restaurants. But as nice as this all sounds who’s going to foot the bill? Is it the man’s responsibility to pay?

From tradition it is always expected for the man to pay or at least be quick to offer before the lady has a chance to think about it. It’s a romantic gesture which is said to give a good impression with his date. Many see this as an act of a being a gentleman which would send your new found relationship off to a good start.

There are many people who consider this the right approach but it’s dependant predominantly on culture. Where a person is from can have an effect on their values and beliefs of what is considered the right thing to do. In the middle eastern countries “going dutch” is considered extremely rude whereas in European countries splitting the bill in restaurants is common.

This brings us back to equality too, if a couple are on the same income shouldn’t the bill be split? or if the woman is earning more than the man why can’t she pay for his date? The responsibility for the man to pay may perhaps stem from many years ago when the men were the only breadwinners supporting their families hence why it’s been seen as tradition.

There’s no right or wrong answer it purely boils down to the individuals dating and what they perceive as the ‘done’ thing to do. As long as a couple have an understanding and can compromise there shouldn’t be a problem for the long term. Initially though first impressions count and if you are a man who would like to make a good impression with whining and dining your date then reach for the wallet without hesitation.

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