Little Known Benefits Of Kissing


When it comes to being with the one that you love, one of the most common acts of affection that many couples share on a daily basis is that of kissing. That could be a long loving deep kiss but it is more likely to be a quick peck on the cheek, but both are ways of showing affection for their partner. Although kissing is commonly seen as nothing more than an act of affection between two people who love each other, there is much more to the physical act than meets the eye.

There are many important benefits associated with kissing. These benefits range from an increase of one’s metabolism to the extension of one’s life. Everyone can clearly recall getting a kiss from their mother to make things better. Here is a list of some of the other little known benefits associated with kissing.

Teeth Cleaning

While there is obviously no replacement to the basic concept of brushing your teeth daily, what most people do not realise is that the act of kissing is capable of breaking down plaque as well as preventing cavities. The act of kissing causes the creation of saliva in the mouth which is used by the body in order to clean the teeth and supply them with the necessary building blocks needed for the rebuilding of tooth enamel.

A Facelift

Believe it or not, recent studies have shown that the act of kissing can help one to retain one’s youth. While countless individuals seek out processes such as Botox and acid peels in order to give themselves a younger looking face, all that they really need to do is to kiss on a regular basis. The activity of kissing literally uses 30 different facial muscles. Think of it as an exercise routine for the face.

Increase Metabolism

Many doctors have also found that simply kissing can help you to lose weight. Most people who lean in for that lovely act of affection can feel their heart beating faster and stronger than it does even during a workout. You are not simply imagining this.  Your heart literally beats faster, releasing adrenaline, hormones and chemicals into the bloodstream. All of these help to increase your metabolism and burn more calories in the process. Studies have shown that you burn calories when you kiss.

Natural Vaccination

When you kiss somebody else, not only are you swapping your spit, but you are also swapping germs. This act is a natural form of vaccination which can help you build up immunity against various illnesses. This does not mean to go out and kiss somebody who is developing a flu or cold, because all you will do is get sick.

Decreases Stress

Kissing is a natural antidepressant. When a person kisses, they release a chemical into the body known as oxytocin. This chemical is released as a manner of improving one’s sexual experience as well as their orgasm. This feel-good experience associated with oxytocin helps to reduce our stress as well as our cholesterol levels.

Natural Pain Relief

When you kiss somebody, the body naturally releases endorphins which many doctors consider to be more powerful than any type of morphine available on the market today.  Endorphin is an excellent natural pain reliever that is very safe to the body.

It is hard to believe that kissing has so many benefits you wouldn’t automatically think of. If you haven’t got a partner to kiss, maybe now is the time to find one!


Author Byline: Alberto Lagos works as a freelancer writer and is the chief writer of He enjoys writing about dating advice and helping people find long-term relationships with girls from CIS Cities like Odessa. Alberto believes that new technologies helps people to build strong relationships.

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Alberto Lagos works as a freelancer writer for several online dating websites. He provides general dating advice and he believes that new technology makes it easy for people to meet others to build strong relationships.
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