Long Distance Relationship Do Work

Long Distance RelationshipThe say love conquers all and that it knows no distance or boundaries. Some people are lucky to spend their time with their partner as often as they want but there are some who are not as fortunate. And although it can be quite a challenge it can be done. Like any other relationship you need to work at it, only doubly hard because the challenge is bigger.

Constant communication

Like all other relationship, communication is the key. When you are far apart it is even more important. While it is true that distance makes the heart grow fonder it also makes the heart forget, so keep the communication lines open. Find time to talk; it is so much easier now because of technology, you can talk and even see each other on video so all you need to do is find time. Make a schedule and stick to it or better yet make it as often as you can within schedule or not.

Keep the romance alive

Romance is an important part of being able to find a relationship that lasts. But a long distance relationship being romantic is not restricted by distance; in fact it is easier and more natural to be romantic and thoughtful across the miles. There are so many things you can think of doing to make up for the distance and time apart. There is the convenience of emailing where you can send love notes, sweet thoughts and technology has made it easier to express yourself through emoticons you can use.


The biggest challenge in all love relationships is commitment; staying loyal and faithful is one of the reasons so many relationships fail. This is even more difficult when the couple is far apart. But commitment is a conscious decision to stay loyal or faithful to something or someone for that matter and when you truly feel love for each other and you value each other’s love. Commitment also takes a lot of hard work and not just a promise said to one another. And this is not a one way ticket; it is an understanding of both parties.


This is another aspect that contributes to making your relationship work. Sincerity can be clich but for long distance relationship, when the lifeline of your bond is based on words; sincerity is very important. A lie can be compounded exponentially when you are in a long distance relationship. The trust when once broken can be so hard to restore and this is because when you are apart you hold on to each word spoken or written for that matter. The distance too makes it even harder to patch things up.

Any relationship requires not just love, but also time, commitment and tons of hard work for both parties. While it is more challenging in a long distance relationship it doesn’t mean it can’t work. Proximity is not even an assurance it will last but for as long as both parties contribute to making it work and exert efforts to show each other’s commitment, no amount of time or distance can keep the relationship from thriving.

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