New Years Resolution – Find A New Partner

Dear Agony Aunt Nicola

I’ve been single for quite a while now and have decided that this New Year I need to make the change and get out and go dating. I find myself stuck at work too long so I never meet new people. I am a quiet person at first but once I get to know someone I come out of my shell. As I don’t have any experience with dating what’s the best way for me to find a date in 2018?

Hi James

There are many many people like yourself who take the new year as an opportunity to take stock of their love lives and evaluate things that are missing from them such as a partner. If you haven’t had much experience in dating then may I suggest online dating or attending singles events such as speed dating. It’s a great way to get you back into the dating scene which will also give you confidence when meeting new people. There are many organisations online that offer a variety of services to suit everyone it’s a case of finding a company that suits you. Give it a try and make 2018 the new year to boost your love life and friendship circles.

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3 Responses to New Years Resolution – Find A New Partner

  1. peter prism says:

    Have you taken a new year resolution that you will find a new partner but still you have not got it then don’t worry you will get it on sites where you can find a partner of your choice.

  2. Nison Yakupov says:

    Your article is very informative. It’s a welcome change from other supposed informational content. Your points are unique and original in my opinion. I agree with many of your points.

  3. Debbie Blaine says:

    I tried speed dating for the very first time just after the new year when I had vowed to try different ways to find a date. Guess what, it worked for me, I’m now dating Tony a guy I met through speed dating. How awesome is that.

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