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Open Relationship

As the popular song of The Carpenters goes, “Freedom only helps you say goodbye”. Saying goodbye is definitely not easy but for some people this is something they have learned to accept as the price they have to pay for freedom. Commitment is something they just can’t handle; having the freedom to do what they want randomly is what they want and so no matter how much they actually feel for their partner, they just won’t give up their freedom.

People are social beings hence the saying “no man is an island.” No matter how successful or how much wealth and power one has acquired man still seeks the connection from one other significant individual, unfortunately even when they do find it, they still can’t afford to give-up their freedom and so they set-up new rules.

Open relationship is a status modern men and women adapted to suit their lifestyle. It is a kind of relationship that sets no limits but has boundaries. Sounds very tricky, right? So let me explain further.


  • Married: People who are looking for an open relationship are people who are married and are looking to have more options. Not a very moral or ideal thing to do but there are married people who are content to be in a marriage for other reasons than love and so the other party looks for convenient ways to address the missing part and look for a regular person to connect with but not necessarily have a commitment with. Ironically, some people agree to this arrangement.
  • Career oriented: People who are committed to their profession and can’t make any sacrifices or give up their freedom to do as they please. They are happy to do what they want without being burdened with obligations and responsibilities of a committed relationship.
  • Free spirit. People who are single; not necessarily career oriented or very successful but just can’t settle for one single partner. They come up with so many reasons to not get into a committed relationship and so they prefer to just keep dating and socializing and enjoy its benefits.

Pros and Cons

The open relationship status started when people began to get so absorbed in so many things all at the same time. They took the term “multi-tasking” to a different level. This type of relationship allows you to be close with someone without the emotional baggage; that is the only benefit.

The downside of this is that it can lead to irresponsible sexual practice as well as promiscuity. Relationships without any boundaries are often risky and having multiple partners is not safe. Another disadvantage is that no matter how casual you are with your partners there will always be that one person you will be able to really connect with and when this happens, heart break hill is one stop you won’t be able to miss.

They say emotions is one thing you never play with because no one is wiser when it comes to love and if you are bent on avoiding commitment you will always find yourself having to mend a broken heart in exchange for freedom.

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