Serious Dating vs. Serial Dating

When it comes to dating, many men “claim” to be looking for a relationship, when they are actually looking to serial date. For example: On internet dating websites, so many men say they are looking for a serious relationship, yet when you date them, you find out what big fat liars they are. They start dating you, and you get along great, speak on the phone and text quite a bit, and then the bombshell. Out of the blue they tell you they are not ready for a relationship! So why were they dating you? Why did they put on their profile that they were looking for a relationship yet now they say they are not ready for one? Why lie about their intentions?

So you go out with them, that’s why. So they can have sex with you, that’s why. Serial daters date several women at the same time. That would be fine if they were looking for the right girl to settle down with, but serial daters want to be free to date as many women as they please and have zero intention on settling down. Once the newness has worn off, it starts getting more serious or intense, or he has been intimate with you, out comes the “I am not ready for a relationship” and it ends.

Serial daters are not looking to get close to you, find out all about you, and see if you are compatible for a long term relationship. Serial daters want to have fun, with women they find attractive or a challenge. They like the ego boost, and never have to worry about commitment or their own emotional entanglements.

Serial daters know if they tell women “Look, I am not looking for anything but a good time, and as soon as I am ready to bail I will, so how about going out with me?” that most women would tell them to go chase themselves. So, instead, they lie. Women often ask us “What went wrong”? “What happened?” “Did he get scared”?

The answer most often is: This is exactly what he knew would happen, and what he wanted to happen. Yes, the chemistry you felt was real, and he also probably found you attractive and fun. It did not matter. He didn’t want a relationship so he was playing a game right from the get go.

Serial daters often make women think they did something wrong to cause this. They didn’t. If you were dating a guy and things seemed to be going great then suddenly out of the blue he breaks things off and blames you with some lame excuse, he is a serial dater. He was going to find something to use against you to end it, as serial daters often do


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