The annoying habits of the smug couple…

As much as all us singletons hate it – we have all, at some point, been one of those annoying couples. Two independent interesting people find each other – then all bets are off, and they are drowning in a co-dependent sickening partnership! As part of our dating advice and tips series, we are going to take a little look at all you smug happy couples. Yes, that is right; we are shining a light on your annoying habits and baring them in a light hearted manner for all to see!

  1. PDA – Nothing worse when you are the third wheel, and they can’t keep their hands off of each other.
  2. Conversational skills decrease – It would seem when two people spend all their time together, when they venture out into their social circle and spend time with other people as well, all they want to talk about it curtain colours and a funny dog video they saw the other day.
  3. Merging – The two once- fiercely independent pair start to merge into one person. They refer to themselves as ‘we’ at every opportunity; they no longer keep their own opinion but come to some conclusion as a pair! It wouldn’t be surprising if one day there was a huge puff of smoke and the pair where joined at the head.
  4. Do everything as a couple – There is nothing worse than planning a night out with your best friend, and then half way through the night – the partner arrives and joins in! God, can you not survive one evening apart? Will the world implode if you are more than 5 metres apart for an extended period of time? This isn’t a sci-fi movie.
  5. Change in vocals – That irritating baby voice that they all take it upon themselves to communicate in? They think it is sweet – It just isn’t. Makes everyone else want to strategically put a campfire out with their face. Think on.
  6. They recluse – Sometimes couples can ditch their friends when they start a new relationship, even worse if it isn’t a new relationship and they have just reclined into this colour-scheme, staying in on Friday nights, going to be at nine, reading books in bed couple. You guys do realise you can still be a singular individual and still have a social life away from your spouse?
  7. They get boring – No offensive, but I have seen this a few times. A friend can be a wild, spontaneous, out-going and a hilariously funny individual; but the second they are in a relationship…Their mojo has disappeared! No longer are they the buzz of the social circle, but the excuse-giving, tonic-with-no-gin drinking, home by 10pm bore of the group. NB: You are allowed a personality when you are in a relationship!

Ladies and gents I hope these words echo within your mind for a while, because you inevitably will find your match here at Singles 24/7. Soon you will be bursting into a ball of smoke and joined at the head by your perfect match!

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