Valentines Dating

Dear Agony Aunt Nicola

Valentines is fast approaching and as usual I have no partner to enjoy it. The thing is there is someone I have my eye on but I find it hard to make the most move, shouldn’t it be the guy who does? He is a friend and at times I do think he likes me more than a friend but it’s hard to always gauge. I don’t want to be on my own for another Valentines just to have a card would be nice! How can I let him know I’m the one for him? from lovestruck Sophie

Hi Sophie

We’re in a modern day world now and there’s nothing wrong with women making the first move when it comes to romance. It’s bound to be awkward for you as it would be for a man too but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and just go for it. If you feel he could possibly be interested in you romantically then it’s worth finding out if there is a mutual affection. Pluck up the courage and at least you may not have to spend Valentines alone again.

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I am a life coach and a trained relationship counsellor. I have a number of years experience and I enjoy nothing more then helping those in need. I like to think I am able to help those in the trickiest of situations.
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