What to wear on a first date?

What To Wear

There is always a jittery feeling before a first date. In some situations you have never met, maybe you were set up through mutual friends, or you met online dating and haven’t had the face to face contact yet. In other circumstances, you may have know each other for years, or worked together. However, what all situations have in common is the butterflies you’ll feel in your stomach, and the gripping anxiety over, What to wear?

That’s why we’re here to offer some dating advice. Some make the mistake of going overboard in terms of their fashion choice for a date. Girls put on their highest heels, their short dress, curl their hair, a lot of jewelry and makeup. This isn’t the best idea for your first date. The over the top look is fine for going out with your girlfriends. In this case you want to look nice, but like yourself, more on the natural side of things. It also depends of course, on what you are doing on this first date. Here we’ll share our favourite, sure to impress, first date looks, for the hypothetical dinner and a movie.

Stick with a style that you are comfortable with. If you never wear heels, or dresses, then don’t feel you need to for your date. It’s not to say you will look frumpy, but find the pieces in your wardrobe that express you. For the girl who steers away from a dress and heels, we recommend these black Gucci pants, they are comfortable and more dressy, than jeans. For the top go with something simple but pretty like this blue Dolce and Gabbana silk top. Last, finish the look off with these Louis Vuitton flats.

This look will be perfect for the first date. However, always add what makes you comfortable. After all dating, and relationships can be stressful enough, without you worrying about fidgeting with an uncomfortable dress.

If you are more interested in a dress and heels this look will allow you to express that, without looking like you’re off to the club. With a dress it’s good to find a mid-length for a date. You don’t want to wear something too short, especially since you’ll be sitting down and dresses tend to rise. This dress by Dolce and Gabbana has a classic simplicity to it and the simplicity gives room to accessorize. Paired with the beautiful red Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, you will really make a statement.

These looks are just a template to guide you single ladies in the first date anxiety panic. With hair and makeup it’s always best to stick with what you normally do. If you never straighten your hair, don’t feel like you need to for the date. It’s surprising how the wrong outfit can lower our self esteem, or confidence, and make us feel uncomfortable. The most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable, and with the right outfit you will!

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