What to wear on a first date

What should you wear on a first date?

Here at Singles 247 we think the first date is hard for any woman. Especially when it comes to choosing what to wear; after all you want to look sexy, but not too sexy; you want to look classy but not a snob and you also want to be comfortable! We have all been there haven’t we? Staggering in and out of our closet, grasping a glass of wine in one hand and our old faithful dress in the other!

Not to worry though my beautiful ones as I have done a bit of research to help you out so that when you do get to your first date, you have one thing less to worry about. Unfortunately I cannot do anything about the washing up, the paperwork or feeding the dog, but hopefully this will take the edge off your worrying about what to wear on a first date.

Now the first thing to establish is what kind of first date you are going on; Lunch date? Dinner date? Or something splendidly different?


Ideal Dress For A Lunch Date

Let’s start with the Lunch date.

 If you have been invited out for lunch it is important firstly not to dress up too much!

It’s going to be lunch time at a café for coffee not formal tea at the Ritz! But you also need to seem like you are making an effort. So, how about some sexy skinny jeans, with a casual top and some killer heels? Or if it’s a nice day whack on some pretty kitten heels or fun sandals, some tight jeans and a pretty top?


what to wear for a dinner date

What To Wear For A Dinner Date

Now let’s get to the Dinner date.

The first thing to think about is how comfortable is the outfit going to be? Because if it isn’t comfortable you won’t look comfortable! Think of classy; remember you can only show off one asset; boobs, legs or stomach – NEVER all of them!

Try not to wear too much make-up either, you are beautiful the way you are, and if your date cannot see that then leave him with the bill and get onto the next one!

Finally, what about a date with a difference? Well, firstly you need to know what activities are going to be. There is no point in rocking up in 6inch heels when you will be rock climbing – that’s just silly. So, plan ahead. If it is something strenuous or active, and you still want to dress up and make an effort; add a pretty little accessary to mix things up – a necklace, scarf or belt.

There are many fabulous Singles Looking For Love who would love to see you in your choice of outfit, and if you follow our advice here, chances are that choosing the right outfit for a first date will lead onto a second date – at least.

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  1. Hennie Sophie says:

    Excellent! Thnx for the advice, I am lovin the skinny jeans and heels!

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