Dating Dilemma at Christmas

Dear Agony Aunt Nicola

I’ve started dating a guy for the last few months and he’s already talking about me introducing him to my family which I feel is too early. I haven’t told him and struggling to find a way without offending him. I do like him a lot but I don’t want to feel pressured especially as things are going so well between us at the moment. I am very close to my family so I want to spend time with them on my own therefore I won’t be as available as my date would like me to be. How can I tell him I don’t want him meeting my family and we’ll be spending less time together over Christmas? Zoe

Hi Zoe

It is an awkward situation to be in, without knowing your date it’s hard to tell how he will react. Communication is the best way forward so by telling him in advance that you won’t be available all the time he can then make plans for himself and no doubt plan his time seeing his own family over Christmas. The festive season is very busy for most families so he should be understanding, before you tell him you’ll be staying away for a bit perhaps arrange some fun outing days during December so you still get some quality one to one time together. He in fact may be relaxed about your wishes so you may be worrying for nothing. Christmas is a time to be happy spending time with your loved ones including your date and next Christmas could be more exciting.

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