Conversation Tips in Long Distance Relationships

Long distance

Long distance relationships aren’t for everyone. It encompasses a lot of hardships, because the couple is in different places. Take some minutes to imagine how difficult it is for everyone, to keep any kind of relationship especially the ones where two people are together all the time and both are aware of their other half’s whereabouts and daily activities.  In long distance relationships, this is not always possible. Specifically because of distance may include a difference in time zones and may include local or cultural barriers as well.

Use All Convenient Mediums

With the continuous advancement in modern technology, we are conveniently swimming in the digital age.  Communication with anyone from any corner of the world is not only possible but very easy and affordable.  Especially if they have an Internet connection and electronic devices that support VOIP software such as Skype, or mobile apps such as Viber, Whatsapp, etc.  If there is this is not possible, telecommunication may be available.  Alternatively, the regular “snail mail” is also an exciting and cheap method of communication throughout the world.

Be Honest and Sincere

Long distance relationships have very few advantages.  One however, is particularly convenient.  Many people consider indirect communication a lot easier than direct, face-to-face contact when it comes to discussing personal and sincere matters.  Most of the time, it is emotionally easier to express one’s self in the written word.  Be truthful and honest about the feelings you have for your other half.  It is not important to express your true feelings only in person, as tomorrow is never guaranteed.  These qualities will help create an intimate connection and enhance the quality of the relationship.

Communicate Effectively

A problem that arises when one considers long distance relationships is the frequency of miscommunication.  No matter which medium it is used to talk with your other half, it is almost impossible to expect uninterrupted discussions.  While talking through video chat for example, it is still not similar to the experience obtained through a direct, face-to-face interaction.  Therefore, it is important to be clear and concise in expressions and language use to eliminate miscommunication.

Communicate Regularly

It is vital to stay in touch with your beloved while you are away from them.  Keeping close in as many ways is possibly a constant reminder that although they are not physically with you at the moment, they are very much part of your life and that they exist.  Constantly keeping in touch also helps to maintain the bond that should exist in any relationship.

Avoid Arguments

Unlike other relationships, long distance relationships make it easier to avoid each other when things do not go your way.  Although this may be healthy in other relationships, it is not the way to move forward in long distance relationships.  This is why it is vital to avoid heated arguments at all cost.  There is always a means for peaceful resolution when a disagreement arises.  Anything can be resolved through discussion and compromise.

Be Yourself

Even if you cannot see frequently your other half to connect at a physical level, you can still think that having a relationship is true, so it is important to be yourself so your beloved can truly understand the person you are.  Creating an online personality is dishonest and will only do yourself a disservice, especially if you want a true and meaningful relationship.  So be yourself, is easier and guarantees more success.

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