Do dating apps increase the number of STDs?


Too much Tinder can lead to STDs

Dating apps seem to be causing controversy and are becoming a real concern as an increasing number of people are developing STDs having met people via these apps.

Apps such as Tinder, Zoosk and Happn to name just a few are a genuine concern according to sexual health experts. A leading British health expert doctor states that apps should “invest more time in pushing a safe sex message” and he adds that the country is at its highest point for HIV ever.

The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV wants to raise awareness to push the message of having sex safe is a paramount. Dr Peter Greenhouse of the association has told the BBC “You are able to turn over partners more quickly with a dating app and the quicker you change partners the more likely you are to get infections.”

Dating apps Tinder and Happn are claiming around 50 million active members using their apps. Tinder enables its members to view profile photos which promotes easy matches. It’s quick and easy for people to easily connect via a swipe system on their phones to “like” one another.

Broadly speaking, Tinder has some to be known as a hook up app, and not a place for people interested in serious relationships. People need to understand that if they do use apps for this purpose, they should take precautions to avoid disease, and a leading health doctor has stated that because of their popularity it could very well lead to an “explosion” of STDs.

Dr Greenhouse said “If enough people change partners quickly, and they’ve got other untreated sexually transmitted infections, it might just start an explosion of HIV in the heterosexual population. Apps could do that.”

There has been a 33% rise in syphilis and 19% in gonorrhoea in the past twelve months, with sexual health centres continuing to care for many more patients each month.

Without doubt if you use dating apps then you need protect yourself when having sex. Alternatively, if you prefer to let a relationship devleop naturally, you should check out normal dating sites such as the Singles 247 online dating site.


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    This is a great blog post. I have always had relationship issues and have started to follow your advice. I really appreciate your take on current dating issues.

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