Dating Online After A Break-Up

Finding Love Online

Modern technology has greatly altered how people do things. First it was automated banking, then it was video streaming, and because people are always looking for ways to make life easier, they even made everything available through the internet; online shopping, studying and now even looking for life partners are done online. These things are all good but there can also be disadvantages, especially with from people who most often turn to online dating as a rebound after a break-up.

While looking for a diversion helps heal a broken heart, treading with caution can be a wise move. Online dating has made connecting with people so much easier, especially for people who don’t really socialize for the lack of time and the means to do so. Online dating sites have sky rocketed it was first introduced. Skeptics now realized there is an advantage to this and in some cases it has helped so many people reconnect and find true love.

It is said that in America alone more than one third of marriages started online and does not end in divorce. With this statistic continuing to rise, it just goes to show that there is something good about online dating. After a break-up however, feelings of rejection is high, so before you jump in on the bandwagon of online dating, make sure you have re-established your footing and have built your self-esteem enough to want to go out there and meet new people.

Online dating is not a one-way street, men and women are both out there looking for something in particular; it can be a real relationship, a casual date, friendship or just getting connected online. Each has their own agenda and needs and as much as you are looking for something in particular so are they. There can be times when you like someone and they turn out to be uninterested, it can add more to your woes than help you move on. So the best thing would be to make sure you are truly ready.

Reading profiles can be tricky, you can’t take everything at face value. More often than not, profiles of people who on online dating sites are embellished. “Why?”, because, they want to catch someone’s attention. About 80% of online dating profiles are embellished so, it is important to get to know them first by talking to them and getting them to talk as honestly as possible. Once you’ve established a certain bond, somehow you can determine whether or not the person is for real. Just don’t be blinded by your fantasies as well.

Be realistic about online dating. This is not a market place where you can look for what you want, but it and it’s yours. Although it is very convenient and it is made available so more people will look into it and patronize it, it still is just an avenue to start reconnecting. Online dating is not your only option. If you are looking for a way to get over a break up or wanting to start over after a break up, know that everything needs time. Don’t rush into anything and don’t limit yourself. Online dating is always available to you, but never pass up a chance to go out and make a real encounter by hanging out with friends and passing up a chance to connect with someone.

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