My date doesn’t know i’m a bin man

Hi Nicola, I’ve recently found a date which has been going for a good few months now after years of being single which is great but now I have found someone I can really connect with I am worried it will get ruined as she doesn’t know my job as a bin man. I’ve hidden the fact that i collect waste for a living and i’m trying to find the right way to tell her in hope she won’t be put off. She’s a high earner herself a real high flyer and I don’t know what she sees in a guy like me, i’m lucky to have her. She thinks I work in the building trade and i’ve not gone into it too much but at some point I feel it’s going to be an issue for our relationship. Colin

Hi Colin, I feel for you and understand your thoughts on this but at the end of the day if she likes you then she shouldn’t judge you by your job as a bin man. To be open and honest is key to a successful relationship, the sooner you tell her the better as if you don’t she will think you will always hide things from her. If you feel your job is not good enough for her maybe suggest doing courses or further education to broaden your horizons or career opportunities but that’s only if you really want to, don’t try and change the person you are just be yourself.

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