How to Speed Date Successfully

Speed Dating is one of the most long-standing forms of singles event, with events regulalry run in most Western countries most nights of the week. But what is the key to speed dating successfully?

1) Choose a venue you would normally attend

Ideally, choose a speed-dating event at a bar you know well. This way you will be more relaxed in your surroundings, and more likely to act like yourself. By choosing a location which you would go to socially, you have more chance of meeting like-minded people. If there aren’t any speed dating events in bars which you normally go to, choose locations similar to the ones where you and your friends like to go.

2) Don’t go too far out of your way

Before attending a singles event, think sensibly about the lengths you’re happy to travel to date. There’s no point choosing an event on the other side of the country if a long-distance relationship doesn’t appeal. And remember, it’s not just your dating parameters which you need to consider, but also the distance any potential matches are willing to consider. You may be happy to commute 50 miles into London each week to see a potential partner, but are they happy living so far apart?

3) Choose a setting that suits you

The great thing about singles events, is that they happen everywhere and anywhere these days. Make sure you consider what going to an event says about you. If you choose a speed dating event in a bar, other daters will assume you’re comfortable in that environment. If you select speed dating out in the countryside, you’re making a different statement about yourself and the type of dater you’d like to attract.

4) Pay attention to the age range

These days most speed dating events come with specific age limits. These age limits are of importance. We all have an idea of the partner who complements us best, and age is often a factor of great importance. Look at the age range for both yourself and your match, and ensure both of these fit your situation. Never turn up to an event which is not for your age-group. No one wants to start a relationship with a lie, and what may seem like a harmless oversight could cause issues in future.

5) Think about niche areas

These days there are increasing number of specialist events. Speed dating for those of a certain religion. Speed dating for those with a particular hobby. Events for specific professions. Think carefully about what is particularly important to you in a future partner. Might there be an event, which will attract him or her? Is there an event guaranteed to attract a number of people on your wavelength?

6) Come prepared

The trouble with speed dating is that often daters get tongue-tied. After two or three conversations, you can easily feel as if you’re treading old ground. Where you live. What you do for a living. It can get uncomfortable having the same conversation twenty times in an evening, even if it’s only for four minutes. So instead of becoming awkward, have a think about how you can spice things up. Prepare a couple of different questions, guaranteed to divert conversation in a different direction each time. Think about questions which might promote intrigue, or a positive response in the person, as opposed to sounding dull and cliché. Good examples include asking which three famous or historic guests he or she might invite to a dinner party, or asking a favourite childhood memory.

7) Don’t disappear immediately at the end

If the event takes place in a bar, often daters will stay one for at least one drink. So if you felt a connection with someone, strike up conversation again. Outside the strict speed dating set-up, it will feel more natural, and you’ve already broken the ice during the dating event. Use this time to properly work out if you get on, and don’t be shy to switch numbers ahead of the official emails from the company. This is normal life after all! Just with some added help!

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Charly Lester considers herself a dating expert. She wrote a blog called ’30 Dates’, and she speaks regularly about dating. Charly is a firm believer that the best way to attract the right person is to relax, and just enjoy being single.
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