How To Survive A Bad Breakup

Like it or not, sometimes life just doesn’t go in the direction that we want it to be. People change, relationships turn sour, and breakups happen, even if we don’t want them to. I’ve been there too, and I know no words can actually describe the heartfelt grief and pain. But despite the daunting fact, there are still ways for us to get through a nasty separation.

1. Don’t hide from your tears
If you feel like crying and the scene allows you to do so, just cry. Cry out loud until you feel better. Then drink some warm water or fresh juice, have a good rest, or do whatever makes you feel better. With so many social settings that forbid us from crying, including workplaces, schools and meetings, it’s the worst thing to do if we still suppress our emotions when we could release them through some tears.

2. Share your feelings with trusted ears
Be it your family, your friends, or an online support group – seek for people who are willing to listen and will not make impatient judgments, and share your thoughts and feelings with them. The healing power by doing so is much stronger than we imagine; even an introvert like me could use a pair of attentive ears and a shoulder to cry on. Do not be lured to talk to random strangers on websites like chat rooms or chatroulette though, for we never know the true intentions of those people behind the screen, and the last thing we want after a breakup is to be hurt again.

3. Catch up on activities you like
Miss your favorite shows or books? Catch up on them. Want to express yourself creatively, such as writing, drawing or singing? Start doing it now. Feel like doing nothing except sleeping? Don’t wait. Indulge in your favorite activities, protect your mind and heart from the chaos, and allow your soul to rest for a while.

4. Reflect on the relationship
When emotions have settled, think about the ended relationship rationally. What have you learned from it? What have you done correctly, and what could be done better? No matter what, don’t think of the relationship as a failure, but rather a valuable endeavor and experience along the course of life.

5. Move on with confidence
It might be very tempting to dwell in the past, but don’t let it haunt you. Move on from the experience, and have faith in yourself, your beauty, your life, and your future. Believe that somehow you will find someone who’s meant for you, someone who would love you with all his or her heart, someone who would treasure you with his or her life. Believe that you will find that “someone”, just as everybody else who had gone through bad breakups does. And most importantly, remember that it all depends on ourselves to get up when we fail; it’s downright painful, but we will eventually get through it, if we want to.

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