The Importance of Being Honest

They say honesty is the best policy. And when it comes to dating, it’s certainly one of the most important.

Online dating has changed a great deal in the last decade. What began as a form of online lonely hearts, has progressed into a sophisticated, dedicated industry. Online daters come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the websites and apps available to them. The development of the industry has allowed daters to be increasingly specific about who they want, and what they want from that person.

In 2015, you can find almost anything online. Whether you desire a threesome, a sugar daddy, a mail order bride, a one night stand or a long-term relationship. But in order to ensure you get exactly what you want, there are three key areas of dating where honesty is of the essence.

1) Be honest about who you really are.

If you’re online dating, and actually plan to meet up with people, there is no point lying about who you are – to either yourself or potential matches. No one wants the first impression they make to be one of disappointment, but that’s likely to be the case if you mislead people about who you are.

Use photos which show the real you. Don’t select super-flattering options, which you know don’t really look like you do in person. And don’t use old photos, or ones which show a different version of yourself. If you’ve lost or gained weight recently, make sure the photos you use online are up-to-date. As a rule of thumb, you should never use photos which are over six months old.

When filling out your profile, think about stuff which is really important to you. Try to represent, as best you can, the real you. The person they would meet on the date. Don’t exaggerate or lie to attract people, just be yourself. The right people will be drawn to this.

2) Be honest about why you’re online

Never lie about your intention. Even if you’re in a relationship, and using online dating to cheat, there is no need to lie about it, in this day and age. There are actual sites designed to service those needs.

Be honest with yourself about what you want from an online relationship. How serious do you want it to get? Are you just looking for a friend, or someone to chat to? Do you desire no-strings sex, or a casual arrangement? Is there are specific sexual preference you wish to explore? Or are you looking for a long-term relationship?

The more honest you can be with yourself about what you want, the easier it is to find it. By honing in on your reason for dating online, you can choose the best site to suit those needs, and identify websites where you’re likely to meet like-minded people. Then, by communicating on your profile exactly what you are looking for in a relationship, you are laying your cards on the table from the very beginning. Anyone responding to your profile will be doing so with full disclosure.

3) Be honest about your feelings

The great part of dating online, is just how many options you are provided with. And you won’t like everyone. Be kind. Don’t lead others on unnecessarily. If you’re not interested in someone who approaches you online, it’s perfectly acceptable to ignore advances. Passive rejection is an accepted part of online dating.

If you go on a date or two with someone, and don’t feel any chemistry, but they don’t feel the same way, let them down gently. Never try to disguise rejection with extreme kindness – it will always be mis-read. If you’re not interested, get out of the relationship as quickly as possible.

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