Is he a real date or fake

Dear Agony Aunt Nicola

I have signed up to online dating for a year now and finally I think I may have found the one. I’m really excited but usually my good luck never happens which now i’m thinking is he real! No one ever ticked all the boxes until this guy appeared and messaged me, I took one look at his photos which put a smile on my face then i read his description again all matching to what i’m looking for in a date. He made the first move and has been respectful throughout conversation the only problem is he’s some distance away not just down the road. He is prepared to come and meet me but I feel sick with nerves as he’s too good to be true, i’m worried he may be a fake and turn out to be someone i’m not attracted to. I would be grateful for some advice, thanks Penny

Hi Penny

That’s great news you have clicked with someone online, the hard bit is now meeting face to face. You have to bite the bullet and just go for it, he’s actually making the effort to come and see you from a long distance which shows he’s keen. It’s hard to believe someone who make the effort to see you and not reveal their true self, what a waste of their journey if so! Make sure you meet in a public place like a bar and tell a friend or relative where you are going. It’s best to be safe especially if you have met via online dating and it’s true you don’t always know who you are speaking with until you meet. Try and think positive about this new potential relationship, if you think negative thoughts this will only worry you more and by the end of it you will be a nervous wreck beforehand. Tread cautiously but at the same time enjoy yourself as this could be the start of something special. Saying that if it doesn’t work out there is always plenty more fish in the sea.

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I am a life coach and a trained relationship counsellor. I have a number of years experience and I enjoy nothing more then helping those in need. I like to think I am able to help those in the trickiest of situations.
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