Learning to Live Together

In this day and age, the idea of independence when it comes to modern-day couples is becoming an important concern for relationship duration. The concept of “his” and “hers” has been developing over the past century, especially with women, and has resulted in the rise of divorces and breakups, leaving “hopeless romantics” and “until death do us part” in the dust. Therefore, in order to fix this common struggle of ‘coexistence,’ you must start off with two fundamental concepts: respect and acceptance. Once you’ve accomplished these important parts of a successful relationship, communication, commitment and even fun will fall into place much easily.

How to Keep the Lions Tamed at Home

Currently, there is a new concept about couples going around called “the three year glitch.” This could be defined as the rapid deterioration of once passionate relationships after saying “I do” and moving in together. The main cause for this “downturn” is primarily clashes of opinion, unpleasant or bothersome habits, weigh gain, or lack of excitement romantically-speaking. Nonetheless, there are techniques to avoid this “early termination” of a bond once so unbreakable. If the fights continue without any attempts to stop them, these bad situations could eventually lead to what is called a “couple expiration date.”

Getting along better with your partner starts with both parties giving a little and making some sacrifices to create a better living environment at home. This doesn’t suggest repeating “thank you” for every time that your other half routinely leaves the bed in a nest-like form in the morning or conveniently forgets to lower the toilet lid for the 500th time. This entails getting your partner to recognize the behaviors that bother you, but in a peaceful fashion to avoid starting a fight over an empty, left-out bottle of Coke. Make what annoys you about them into a joke so instead of bickering, you both end up giggling.

Understanding Each Other and Working Out Differences

Most of the time, these annoying tendencies aren’t done on purpose, which makes them mere “bad habits.” We all have flaws and pet peeves, but once love and “forever and ever” are in the picture, you’ll have to, quote-on-quote, “accept” your lover for who they are and for what they do, acknowledging the fact that they most likely won’t alter their views or lifestyles after so many “years of experience.” Likewise, this doesn’t require you to become a maid and pick up, clean up or organize everything that your significant other ‘undoes,’ but rather take it lightly and work it out in a way that it is bearable for the both of you. However, if the situation at home grows violent or psychologically tortuous, then that would be the sign to call it quits. No one needs to be mistreated just because they’re in love.

Keeping the Love Alive

Once you’ve both overcome your differences and have learned to respect each other, you will begin to realize that there are techniques to keep the “fire of passion” burning regardless of how much time you’ve been together. You must always remember the influential power of words by just the use of language itself: these combinations of letters are how you communicate, express yourselves, lie, tell the truth, expose secrets, confess, etc. For that reason, it is always important to keep these words free of lies and dedicate what you say to your lover be with words of honesty, devotion, respect, and patience. These are the best ways to maintain a long-lasting relationship, because if you both don’t make some sacrifices, your love won’t survive. Once you find “a happy medium,” your long-standing motives for being together in the first place will reemerge, and you will once again be able to relish in the fun and exciting lifestyles of newly-formed couples.

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