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Dear Agony Aunt Nicola

I have been single for some time and i have found that new relationships always end in disaster or they just weren’t exactly what I’m looking for in a long-term partner. I am hard to please, my friends call me fussy and say I should just settle down and reckon I’ve missed the boat a few times. I am concerned time is flying by and that I will never find ‘The One’ but why should I be with someone who doesn’t tick all the boxes? Melanie

Hi Melanie

There’s no rush to find a partner and especially if you don’t feel they’re 100% right for you. No one is perfect, everyone has their flaws but when it’s about finding true love you will accept it if it’s meant to be. Go with your gut instinct as this is a good way to know if a relationship is right for you to continue. As the saying goes you have to kiss a few frogs to get to your prince. Take your time and enjoy your free time meeting new people which will give you a good chance in finding ‘The One’ for a long lasting relationship.

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I am a life coach and a trained relationship counsellor. I have a number of years experience and I enjoy nothing more then helping those in need. I like to think I am able to help those in the trickiest of situations.
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