Making Long Distance Romance Work

Long distance romance has always been a tough one. Whilst absence can make the heart grow fonder, too long apart can cause problems. So, how can you ensure you continue to get closer to someone, when you’re physically far apart?

Honest Communication

Most issues with long-distance relationships stem from a lack of trust. The way to build trust is through honest communication. If something starts to be a small niggle, talk about it before it develops into a larger problem. Tell each other about what is going on in your lives, so that there aren’t wide gaps which are open to misinterpretation and mistrust.

Regular Communication

The great thing about living in 2015 is just how easy it is to communicate. Ten years ago, international calling was cumbersome and expensive. Nowadays, not only can you call someone internationally for free, you can chat face to face, with minimal effort.

Set aside regular points in the week when you chat. Arrange a regular ‘date night’ where you sit in front of your computer screen and chat over dinner or drinks, just like you would if you were in the same place.

Use All Kinds of Media

Skype and Facetime aren’t the only ways to feel closer to one another. Social media allows you to see regular updates of each other’s lives, and you can use more personalised apps like Whatsapp to have real time conversations over text message, which include photos, voice messages and video messages. You may be in different places, but you can still fill the person you care about in on the ups and downs of your day, with photos to illustrate the stories and personalised messages.

Make Each Other Feel Special

When you’re far away from the person you care about, you need to feel loved. Ands so the way to achieve that is by still remembering to make cute gestures. The age of the internet means you can send personalised gifts at the touch of a button, though sometimes all it takes is a Post-It note with the words ‘I Miss You’ to remind someone you care. If ever there is a time to show the power of your passion, it’s when you’re away from the person you love.

Meet Up As Much As You Can

Nothing beats spending time together in person, so make sure you use every opportunity. Visit one another as often as you can, and schedule holidays together as much as possible. You both need to feel like you’re the most important parts of each other’s worlds, as any decisions that act against that feeling are only likely to drive you further apart than the geography.

Close The Distance As Early As Possible

For long distance romance to work long term, it needs to be a temporary arrangement. Whilst various methods can make long distance manageable, and keep your relationship strong, despite the distance, it is important to close the gap as soon as you possibly can. If the relationship is still going strong after a year, one of you might want to consider relocating. But be prepared for some adjustments. Going from long distance to a normal relationship set-up can take some adjusting too.

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