Mistakes Guys Make When Texting Girls

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Here are the Five Biggest Mistakes Guys Make When Texting Hot Single Girls

Text Whoopsie #1: Texting a boring message serves no point. These sort of texts include; “How you doing?” or “What’s up?” Texts like this DO NOT distinguish you from the handful of other guys that are also texting the woman you’re talking to.

This bland and common tactic is pure laziness. This back and forth will go on way too long. And if you know girls, this type of nonchalant response will make them crazy!
What Guys Say: This means you never make statements like “I’m bored,” or if she asks what you’re up to, responding with “Nothing special.” This is a NO NO.
What Girls Think: “Well maybe he is giving me one word answers, because he just wants to be friends, maybe our hookup didn’t even mean anything to him?” Yes, it’s pathetic, but we’re that crazy…
Don’t start off, by making her “think” of what your intentions may be. Make her KNOW what your intentions are.

Text Whoopsie #2: The second biggest mistake is texting a girl too much and too often. Text messages should be used in limited doses in order to create mystery, suspense, and intrigue. If you are texting girls all the time, they will stop looking forward to your texts. Give her something to chase, will ya?
Although, after first meeting her, I highly recommend a simple text such as, “Great meeting you, lets do dinner this week.” There is NO need to wait two days, what’s the point? You’re not proving anything to us, and you’re certainly not making yourself more desirable. Honesty and confidence will make you so much more attractive in the long run.

Text Whoopsie #3: Texting a girl- and then disappearing! This needs to be carefully balanced with Rule # 2, which for some strange reason becomes very difficult for men to comprehend.
First off, question: Why do men think that a quick follow up text will be considered “not playing the game?” For example, it shouldn’t take you 3 hours to decide what your plans are for that evening. So instead give us “something” now, and then follow up again later.. NOT difficult.
Follow up is noticed, and it surely doesn’t mean that you’re overly interested. If you can and have the time to respond, do so. She will notice and be flattered at your maturity.
If in fact you are that busy, your response text better be with an explanation for the delay. It’s common courtesy and of course will calm down the crazy girl on the other end of the phone.

Text Whoopsie #4: Guys ALWAYS try to make conversation over text. Texting shouldn’t be used as a way to get to know a girl. Texting should be a method of casually introducing interest. The quicker you get off text and onto the real date (that is if you like her) the better.

Text Whoopsie #5: Take it easy with the smiley faces.

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