My boyfriend loves sex toys too much

Dear Agony Aunt Nicola

My boyfriend shall I say is a little adventurous when it comes to having sex. I like the old fashioned way of intimacy but after a handle of years into our relationship he started introducing sex toys. At first I was surprised because it was all new to me but I guess I went along with it to make him happy more than anything. Without going into too much detail his collection of sex toys is becoming more of an obsession where there’s so much of it. I feel it’s a hindrance to me as I simply don’t enjoy it not to mention finding somewhere to store a dildo! How can I tell him enough is enough without losing the sex drive. Trish

Hi Trish

Enjoying sex with your partner is important and there needs to be an understanding that you each know what the other enjoys. You have to be honest with him and tell him you don’t like his excessive use of sex toys. Maybe plan some days/nights when you get intimate that the dildo stays in the drawer or other sex toys are out of the way. Explain that you want to enjoy being intimate with him on your own, suggest spicing up your sex positions to help. Firstly tell him your thoughts and find a way to accommodate his interest at particular times without being too much of a routine. Getting the best out of sex is when it’s spontaneous and you don’t want to lose this. Sometimes you have to please a partner but when the it’s one sided it’s never going to work.

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