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Online DatingA lot of you may be traumatised by horror stories of people being scammed or blackmailed on online dating sites, but online dating is not as scary as it sounds! Perverts or weirdos can exist in the real world too, but it is just easier for them to hide their true identity online, so people tend to have a negative perception of online dating. Contrary to popular belief, it has actually become a norm in society, since single people want to expand their horizons and meet potential love interests all over the world. So beat the single woes and give online dating another chance – here are some tips to help you find your potential love interest online!

Choose a niche dating site that suits your interests.

While online dating provides limitless opportunities, it can get tiring weeding out all the undesired profiles who have zero in common with you. To narrow down your choices, there are plenty of niche dating sites designed for a specific interest or preference, such as Single Mother DatingFarmers Only, and Date A Golfer. There is an ideal dating site for everyone, so do some research and find a niche dating site that suits your interests!

Be honest on your online dating profile.

It is important to be honest on your dating profile, since your lies will eventually catch up with you. This does not mean you should reveal too much personal information, but it is better not to brag or exaggerate your talents and expertise. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to building the foundation of a relationship, so tone it down and let your potential love interest get to know the real you!

Meet in a public place.

If you are meeting someone for a first date, I would suggest meeting in a public place where you are surrounded by people. Creeps and weirdos exist in the real world too, so this is not a danger exclusively for online dating sites. Since you are meeting the person for the first time, you don’t know what his true intentions are, so it is better to be safe than sorry. A popular first date spot is at a cafe, since coffee is more casual than a romantic dinner and if things get awkward, you can just down your coffee and make an excuse to leave early!

Go on chat sites to reduce social anxiety.

I know a lot of single friends whose worst nightmare is going to speed dating events, as they find it terrifying talking to multiple strangers and trying to develop a romantic interest at the same time. If you have social anxiety of talking to people for the first time, instead of going to a speed dating event in real life, go on sites like chatroulette or bazoocam to train yourself! These chat sites are basically like an online version of speed dating, as you are randomly connected to strangers from all around the world. The great thing about these sites is that you can just press the “skip” button if the conversation is dying or if the person in boring you!

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