Signs Of A Cheating Boyfriend

Cheating BoyfriendCheating in a steady relationship is never something a couple wants to go through. Even though you should give your boyfriend the benefit of the doubt, you should also not be clueless to his actions. Here are a few tips that should raise a red flag.

Changes in work schedule. 
Your boyfriend is either constantly leaving early or coming home late is a first sign that you should question his whereabouts.

He is unavailable a lot.
 If you are trying to make plans with your boyfriend during times that you know he should be available, but says he is not, sounds a bit fishy to me!

Showering at odd times. 
This hint may be a little bit odd but can be very uncomfortable as well! If your boyfriend constantly showers after coming home he may be trying to hide the scent of another woman.

Spends less time with you
. This is an obvious hint that your boyfriend it up to no good. He should be wanting to spend all the time he can with you, not with someone else. In addition, if he is hanging out with this guy friends more than usual, you should double check to see if he is there.

Is shady with his phone
. This is a huge red flag in any relationship. Even though it is unhealthy to constantly question and go through your boyfriends phone, you should definitely keep a lookout if he is more protective than usual with his phone. Some major hints would be deleting his call history or put a passcode on his phone.

Starts asking about how faithful you are
. Finally, if he is questioning your faithfulness, you might want to question his as well. A reason why he is questioning your faithfulness is because he realizes how easy his dishonest actions are!

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