Valentines No Go Areas

The Traditional Valentine's Date

The Traditional Valentine’s Date

With the most romantic day of the year approaching once more, men all over the world must be asking, how can I impress my date? This is a definitive guide on where not to go!

1. Eating at a BBQ Joint
Tasty food I cannot deny, but for Valentines I am not so sure. When you get loaded up with food, you run the risk of having a face full of barbeque sauce! No doubt your Valentine will also try to do a knife and fork job; let’s hope she doesn’t get any on her outfit.

2. Watching the game at a sports bar
Unless you’re going out with a sports fan this is definitely a no go. Whilst you down pints and you eagerly lean in to watch the latest Premier League match, she will be bored stupid with her arms folded. Think of it this way, if you take her on a good enough date, you will earn brownie points so you can watch the game next time your team is playing.

3. Going to a casino
Us guys love going, but a casino is no place to take a lady on Valentine’s day. Once the novelty of a free drink wears off, she is going to be stuck at a poker table wishing she had stayed at home, whilst we try and learn how to keep a solid poker face. We might think we are James Bond, but she won’t!

4. Doing anything competitive
It might have worked in ’10 things I hate about you’ but this is real life. No girl wants to play paintball on Valentine’s day, or anything competitive for that matter. A day teeming off against each other doesn’t exactly put you in the mood for romance.

5. Hitting the club
Maybe a surprise choice, but can you actually have a romantic conversation in one. Having a boogie is always good fun, but try a salsa bar or somewhere a little more mellow.

6. Seeing a live gig
This is mostly dependant on who you go to see. But nine times out of ten it just won’t work out. The idea of being stood up getting barged about for two or three hours, isn’t going to win your date over. A live music venue can be a winner, but it has to be right, and it would be best to try a ‘sit-down-dinner-style’ with a live band.

7. A friend’s birthday party
This might sound like a great idea. It gives you an opportunity to show off your date in front of your mates and have some drinks. It’s a risky business though, when you’re with the guys and swigging the beer back it can be easy to ignore your date, or worse still end up too drunk to stand up.

8. A strip club
It sounds so obvious as something not to do, but it happens. You might think that the strip club vibe will go in your favour, but it’s highly unlikely! Your date definitely doesn’t want to see you leering after another girl, or being made to feel uncomfortable as she sees other women take off her clothes. Save it for another time.

9. Visiting a museum
It might seem cool and alternative, but she will probably think ‘snore fest.’ The idea of walking around a dusty museum for two hours may well just send her packing. The most romantic day of the year wasn’t meant to be for reading up on your history, or being told to ‘quieten down.’ Stay well clear.

10. A funeral
It seems a fairly miserable thought that I even have to include this on the list. Valentine’s day should be fun and romantic! The feeling of turning up to a funeral on your own isn’t fun, but it would be far better to be consoled afterwards. If you are unlucky enough to have a funeral coincide with Valentine’s day, you should go solo.

Whether us men like it or not, women seem to like Valentine’s Day. Therefore, it is us guys who have to come up with the unique ideas to make it a special day. Just make sure you steer clear of this list of Valentine’s no-go areas and you should be ok.

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