What To Drink On A Date

What Drink Should You Drink On A Date?

Dates are always a nervous affair. It can be tricky picking out the right place to go, an environment that both of you will enjoy, and that you won’t be too nervy at. Alcohol can be a great way to help both parties relax once you are there, and a drink or two can normally help an evening run more smoothly. However, picking the right drink can sometimes be difficult. If you’re a guy, sometimes beer isn’t the best choice, and if you’re a girl, you don’t want to be drinking a bottle of wine on your own. Often, the occasion dictates that a different drink is appropriate depending on the circumstance of each date.

First Date – Cocktails

Although sometimes they can be expensive, cocktails are the perfect option for a first date. They are fun, tasty and importantly strong! Seeing an intricate cocktail mixed by an expert bartender can be a great ice breaker! Watching an expert mixologist put together a number of ingredients to make your date a colourful drink can be fun, and can help get the night off to as good start.

Romantic Meal At Home – Bottle Of Wine

A romantic meal at home can occasionally be a big step. Nailing the right meal can be tricky; what if your partner likes something you don’t? What kind of cook are you? Do you want to spend so much time in the kitchen, not concentrating on your date. As well as getting the meal spot on, getting the right wine can also be difficult.  Although most guys might like a beer, wine has always been considered to be a girl’s best friend, so a decent bottle is usually always a winner. However, getting the right one is where the problem kicks in, the wine has to go with the meal, as well as being one your partner likes. A bit of research beforehand is always welcomed. Typically a Chablis or Sauvignon Blanc is a winner with white meat, where as a nice Merlot or Chiraz works well with red meat. However, never go for the cheapest, as a poor choice of wine can ruin a good meal, and it will show you up as being cheap!

Fine Dining (Special Occasion) – Prosecco or Champagne

The pricing of champagne can make you feel a bit uncomfortable, but if it’s for a special occasion why not push the boat out? A Prosecco can often work well too. If you are heading out to a top restaurant why not splash out on the bubbly? It always shows just how much you care, as well as that you’re not afraid to loosen the purse strings for the right person.

Party – Spirit and Mixer

Going to a party can be a drinking minefield. It’s key not to get overly ‘merry’ as you can occasionally embarrass yourself. But by having a drink both you and your partner will probably enjoy the do more. A spirit and a mixer usually works best for a party, as it’s easy to differentiate which is yours. It can also be a good talking point if you show up at a party with a rather unusual bottle of spirit.

An Evening At Home – Beer, Wine, Whatever You Fancy

Sometimes there is nothing nicer than chilling out at home with your loved one. It can either be an early date, or something that you decide to do later down the line. However, nailing the right drink is still essential, you don’t want to go too strong and get a bit too tipsy, but you also want to enjoy yourself. You don’t even have to pick the right drink as your partner; just make sure that you both enjoy yourselves!

Alcohol is not always a necessity when it comes to dates. Some people never want it, but for the range of dates selected, give this list of suggested drinks some thought.

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