Why do women forgive cheaters?

Why do women forgive cheaters more than men?

Could you forgive cheating?

Could you forgive cheating?

Research has shown that women forgive cheaters more than men, although you would think it would be the other way round seeing as women are more the emotional gender and compared to men you would think they would be the ones that don’t forgive easily. So why is that women tolerate cheating?

Most women will tolerate their partner straying or making relationship blunders more than once even up to twice before dumping them. Men show a massive 9 out of 10 would dump their partner if they strayed just once.

Are women more realistic? If women have been in a long term relationship rather than loose the stability and companionship that a partner brings, if there’s a chance to rectify the situation then women will try to save the relationship. Women are more open minded and look at the bigger picture, yes he made a mistake but if there is a lot to loose then why take the risk of throwing it all away. Women who have kids would find it harder to walk away for the sake of their children. To keep a family unit together is priority and with traditional values that parents should stay together is seen to be the done thing. If the guy strayed for a moment of madness whether it be under the influence of alcohol or out partying with friends, being tempted by a younger model these are hardly benefits of long term prospects. Women are more forgiving but won’t be taken for a fool they weigh the situation up and if there is consistent betrayal after the second or third attempt then it’s the end of the relationship.

Social scientist Catherine Hakim says “If you take the view that most of them blow over and a good marriage is still a good marriage we should be a bit more laid back about them like the French, Italians and Spanish.”.

Why are men not so forgiving? Men are more territorial and they just can’t handle the thought of another man messing around with his woman. The woman is like a property to them, their ‘goods’ being touched which they can’t get over. Their egos are knocked and for the sake of their pride they do not forgive easily. Men are prepared to throw away years of investment after one stupid mistake research has shown.

Typical male response “”It’s just not very masculine thing to let another guy get it on with your girlfriend and let them get away with it, is it? We’d look like a right walkover.”

Everyone is allowed to make mistakes now and again we’re all human but the question is how often do you forgive for cheating? If you want to be in a committed relationship or looking for a long term partner then sign up to the Singles 247 Dating website.

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